Foundation - The Grid


Foundation grid system scales up to 12 columns through the page. Grid systems are used to create page layouts through a series of rows and columns that house your content.

Grid Options

The following table tells briefly about how the Foundation grid system works in multiple devices.

Small devices Phones(<640px) Medium devices Tablets(>=640px) Large devices Laptops & Desktops(>=1200px)
Grid behavior Horizontal at all times Collapsed to start, horizontal above breakpoints Collapsed to start, horizontal above breakpoints
Class prefix .small-* .medium-* .large-*
Number of columns 12 12 12
Nestable Yes Yes Yes
Offsets Yes Yes Yes
Column ordering Yes Yes Yes

Basic Structure of a Foundation Grid

The following is the basic structure of a Foundation grid −

<div class = "row">
   <div class = "small-*"></div>
   <div class = "medium-*"></div>
   <div class = "large-*"></div>

<div class = "row">
  • First, create a row class to create horizontal groups of columns.

  • Content should be placed within the columns, and only columns may be the immediate children of rows.

  • Grid columns are created by specifying the number of twelve available columns you wish to span. For example, for four equal columns we would use .large-3

The following are the three classes used in the Foundation grid system −

Sr.No. Basic Grid classes & Description
1 Large

The large-* classes is used for the large devices.

2 Medium

The medium-* class is used for the medium devices.

3 Small

small-* class is used for the small devices.

Advanced Grid

The following are the advanced grid formats used in Foundation.

Sr.No. Advanced Grids & Description
1 Combined Column/Row

The column and row classes are used on the same element to get the full width column to use as a container.

2 Nesting

We can nest the grid columns inside another columns.

3 Offsets

Using large-offset-* or small-offset-* class, you can move the columns to the right.

4 Incomplete Rows

Foundation floats the last element automatically to the right when the rows do not include columns up to 12.

5 Collapse/Uncollapse Rows

Using the media query size, the collapse and uncollapse classes are included to the row element to show the paddings.

6 Centered Columns

By including the class small-centered in the column, you can make the column at the center.

7 Source Ordering

Source ordering class is used to shift the columns between the breakpoint.

8 Block Grids

Block-grid is used to split the content.

Building Semantically

Using the set of SASS mixins, a grid CSS is generated which is used to build your own semantic grid. For more information click here

SASS Reference

The following are the SASS reference for grid used in Foundation.

Sr.No. Basic Grids & Description
1 Variables

Using the sass variables we can modify the default styles of this component.

2 Mixins

The final CSS output is build using the mixin.