Fill the missing word in the blank spaces in the following statements:
$(a)$. Wind is——————air.
$(b)$. Winds are generated due to——————heating on the earth.
$(c)$. Near the earth’s surface __________air rises up whereas___________ air comes down.
$(d)$. Air moves from a region of ——— pressure to a region of—— pressure.

$(a)$. The wind is $\underline{moving}$ air.


Air moves from one place to another place due to differences in pressure. This movement of air is called wind.

$(b)$. Winds are generated due to $\underline{uneven}$ heating on the earth.


Uneven heating on the earth causes the air to move from one place to another. Hot air rises up and the cooler air from the cool place starts to move to fill this emptiness. Thus, winds are generated due to uneven heating on the earth.

$(c)$. Near the earth’s surface, $\underline{warm}$ air rises up whereas $\underline{cooler}$ air comes down.


Near the earth, surface air becomes hot due to a high temperature and hot air rises up due to the expansion of its molecules. The cooler air's molecules gets contracted due to low temperature and cooler air comes down.

$(d)$. Air moves from a region of $\underline{high}$ pressure to a region of $\underline{low}$ pressure.


Warm air rises up and makes a region of low air pressure. The cooler air comes to fill this emptiness from a region of high pressure. 


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Updated on: 10-Oct-2022


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