Faulty calculator using Python

A faulty calculator in Python is a calculator that gives incorrect results for certain calculations. In Python, we can create our own calculator and use it for doing mathematical calculations. If we want to create a faulty calculator we need to create or introduce errors in the functions that perform the calculations. In this article, we will create a faulty calculator using Python.

Creating a faulty Calculator

Creating a faulty calculator is easy as we need to just introduce some incorrect calculations in the normal calculator in the code to give an incorrect result which converts it into a faulty calculator.


In the below example, we have created a faulty calculator which does some basic operations like addition, subtraction, multiply, divide, and square root. We have introduced a faulty calculation in square root calculation because of which the calculator will give the correct result for all operations except the square root function.

The output of the below program fro calculator show that it gives incorrect result for square root function.

import math

# Correct function - addition
def add(x, y):
   return x + y

# Correct function - subtraction
def subtract(x, y):
   return x - y

# Incorrect function - multiplication with incorrect operator precedence
def multiply(x, y):
   return x * y + 2

# Correct function - division
def divide(x, y):
   if y == 0:
      return "Cannot divide by zero"
      return x / y

# Incorrect function - square root with incorrect factor
def square_root(x):
   return math.sqrt(x) * 2

# Testing the functions
print("2 + 3 =", add(2, 3))
print("5 - 2 =", subtract(5, 2))
print("4 * 3 =", multiply(4, 3))
print("6 / 3 =", divide(6, 3))
print("Square root of 16 =", square_root(16))


2 + 3 = 5
5 - 2 = 3
4 * 3 = 14
6 / 3 = 2.0
Square root of 16 = 8.0


In this article, we discussed what is a faulty calculator and how we can create our own faulty calculator by simply introducing an incorrect function that gives incorrect results. We created a basic calculator which gives incorrect results for the square root function. We can introduce the error in any function of the norma calculator to make it a faulty calculator.

Updated on: 10-Jul-2023


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