Facebook Marketing - Quality Posts

Creating quality posts plays a very important role. With this, you reach out to the people who are interested to follow your page and stay up to date with the content that you have to offer. There are different ways you can keep people engaged and entertained and it is necessary to offer a range of different formats that will keep people coming back and wanting more quality posts.

Quality Posts

When you are creating your SMM strategy, it is good to have a knowledge of and plan for the type of posts you want to publish. By creating a content matrix, you can plan out on the type of posts you will publish. Knowing that roughly −

  • 40% of your posts will drive the users to your blog.

  • 30% of your posts will be curated from other sources, for example, sharing photos and videos.

  • 25% of your posts will be enterprise content.

  • 5% of your posts will show of your brand’s culture.

The posts you publish should −

  • Promote your business, attract readers to your website, and generate profit.

  • Share content from thought leaders in your industry.

  • Initiate personal interactions that will build your business and compliment your businesses culture.

Types and Quality of Posts

Being consistent in the quality and types of posts you create helps people know what kinds of messages to expect from you and how they are related to your business.

Create link posts to get people back to your website/blog

In the post creation tool on your Facebook profile, you can add a link to either your website or a blog post and then press enter. This will take the title, description and a picture that you have entered in the link page and organise it on to your Facebook post. You can also add a caption with some information about the link you are posting. It is good to keep this caption simple and precise, no more than one or two sentences.

Post interesting copy, images and videos

Posting interesting information, images and videos that are engaging will get your profile more attention and assist you to make your brand message stand out in your users’ news feeds. These posts should also be short and succinct, usually between 50-100 words.

Posting interesting information

Publish posts that create conversations

Posting a question or story that will generate a conversation between you and the users is a great way to create unique, engaging and entertaining dialog. With this, the users will be able to spend time on your page reading and at times performing the required actions. This requires minimal input from you, the Facebook admin of the page, as it is the users who create the content.

Publish Posts

Publish exclusive information

Reward the users who follow your Facebook page by offering them exclusive offers and deals that are not accessible anywhere else. For example, if you have an ecommerce website, you can create a coupon code that will give them discounts when used on your website. This can help to grow your audience as your fans may share this information with their friends and family.

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