Facebook Marketing - Identify Targets

Identifying your target audience is important as it helps you narrow down on the people who see your posts to the ones that care the most. When you are using the ad creator, Facebook assists you in breaking down the target audience based on location as well as demographics like age, interests, and gender. You will also be able to target your ad based on what people do on the Internet outside of Facebook.

You get full control over the audience you want to reach. Depending on your business needs and the strategy you are currently implementing, you can choose from either one or a combination of the targeting options.

Choosing the right audience

When looking to identify your target, you will need to choose the right audience you want to reach. Before working out the right target market, ask yourself the following important questions −

  • What device do I want to reach my customers on? Desktop, mobile, tablet or a combination?

  • How many campaigns will I be setting up? Will there be relevant messages that I want to target to specific groups of people?

  • How will I get the most value from my advert?

Targeting options to choose from

We can choose from the following options when finding an audience −

  • Location, age, gender and language
  • Interests
  • Behavior
  • Categories
  • Connections (People who are already connected to any of your pages)
Targeting options

Identifying your target market is very important, as the better you have this defined, the more successful a campaign will be. This can make your Facebook marketing much more cost-effective. If you do not choose any target market, your cost per user acquisition would be much higher. For example, with no defined target audience, if 100 people see a boosted post maybe only 10 would be interested. If you targeted the post specifically for those 10 people, it would save you the cost of the 90 other people that would have no interest in seeing the post in the first place.

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