Facebook Marketing - Post Frequency

Post frequency is something that does not have a definitive answer. Finding the sweet spot for the amount of posts you should make per week will strongly depend on how your audience is engaging in the content you share. On one hand, if you are publishing one post per week, this will probably be not enough to keep the users from recognizing your online presence. But on the other hand, if you publish five posts per day, users will probably find this annoying and this could detract them from staying as a follower.

Facebook’s algorithms have been designed in favor of fresh and unique content being shown on news feeds. If you post repetitive information, this will not be beneficial to your page and your users will not appreciate repetition on their feed.

At the end of the day, you need to ask yourself the following questions −

  • How do I get more followers?
  • What information should I share?
  • What times should I be sharing this information?
  • How often should I be sharing information?

Experimenting with post frequency can take time. We would recommend you start with approximately 8-12 posts per week and tinker with it till you find a sweet sport for your business. You will notice that the likes, comments and shares on your posts will stop growing and the count will reduce further when you post too much information.

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