Facebook Marketing - Page Promotion

Let us now discuss in detail about creating a Facebook Social Media Marketing (SMM). When looking to promote your page, you need to clearly define a strategy on what you are looking to achieve. This can be done by −

  • Clearly defining your goals and objectives.

  • If you already have a Facebook page — Conducting an audit to find out what is working and what is failing.

  • Conducting research and competitor analysis.

  • Creating a content plan.

The two best ways to promote your page are to either promote the page itself or boost your posts.

Boost your posts

  • Create the post that you would like to promote. Once you are happy with the post and it has been published, click the ‘boost post’ button. You can schedule posts for a future publish time and still organize a paid boost campaign for when the post becomes active.

Boost post
  • Choose an audience that you have already created or select ‘create new audience’. If you choose to create a new audience, the following pop-up will be displayed. Here you can define who the post will be targeted at.

Edit audience
  • Choose budget and reach. You can optimize the boost to how much you want to spend and how long you would like it to run. Playing with these options will alter the reach of how many people will be estimated to see the post.

Promote your page

To promote your page, you will need to open up your Facebook Ads Manager Toolkit. In the toolkit, select the ‘Promote your Page’ option and the page you would like to promote. Then, click ‘Set Audience and Budget’.

Page Likes

This will open up an area where you can define the audience you would like to reach. This can be optimized by location, age, gender, language, interests as well as people and groups that you want to exclude.

New Audience

The following is a stepwise procedure that we need to walk through to promote a page.

  • Target a specific location.

  • Set the age between 28-40 as we want to target the young, and the active business owners on social media.

  • As the posts will all be in English, we have set English as the primary language of people. This sees to the promotion of page among native English speakers too.

  • As the page is called “Local Business and Place”, we need to match the interests of small business owners and people interested in small business.

  • We have also excluded the page boost to be shown to anyone that already likes the page, as we need not direct the campaign budget on people who have already joined.

This defines your audience and limits your potential reach with the goal of getting a higher conversion of people liking the page.

Audience Definition

The image above illustrates all that is mentioned in the steps above.