Facebook an awesome business marketing tool

From starting, Facebook has become a leader of all social media sites. Its basic function is to connect and share information between friends, families, organizations, business, etc. Apart from friend’s meeting place, Facebook has also developed into business to market themselves through collaboration with customers and self-promotion.

Facebook is a strong business marketing hub for any big and small corporation – A great place to keep customers up-to-date with the market and also develops their brand and expands their reach.

In this post, we will show you how Facebook is helpful for business marketing,

Play with Your Facebook Business Page

Facebook is a great marketing app for business. Using its pages, we not just to place offers for product and services, but also we can share links, images, and posts. We can customize the page later as per the requirement to give a better sense to the business’s personality and characteristics.

Facebook business page is a perfect place to develop your brand identity by showing creative videos and images. You can place some funny stuff with video and images which can attract viewers with the happiness on their face, like this you can keep all your important point in-front of them happily, happily.

You should also know what viewers like to see. To attract viewers towards you, share images, links, videos, etc…. that can be helpful in terms of your business and it should look like people who are seeing your stuff are enjoying too.

Place the Classic Ads on Facebook

Facebook places advertisements in its own pattern which appear in the side columns of the Facebook page. These classic ads are referred as valuable ads in the Marketplace.

Technique to include Facebook advertisement into your Facebook marketing strategy is an excellent way to increase likes or driving website clicks. Facebook advertisement includes,

  • Demographic targeting by Facebook user data on age, location, education, and interests.

  • The skill to set ad budgets.

  • Include Ad testing in which multiple ad versions run together to compare ad designs and setup.

  • Also, include built-in ad performance measurement tools.

Facebook doesn’t facilitate ad CTRs to know which ad is successful. If we compare our Facebook Ads and. Google Display Ads Info-graphic, we get that Facebook ads have 0.051% CTR, approximate $0.80, but business’s Facebook advertising cost can vary depends on the targeting options set and competition.

We can increase the followers in Facebook through its “like” feature, Facebook advertisement do magic on this feature – After clicking on “Like” button, people surely become followers of your business page, and your posts will display on their Facebook news feed. Through this way, you can interact and build relationship with others with your brand.

Participate in Facebook Contests

Facebook contests like; sweepstakes or promotions are another marketing technique to increase your fans and brand awareness.

Before joining the Facebook contest, make sure that contests can’t be hosted through Facebook itself only. Facebook uses third-party app to create their Facebook contest and then attracts users towards the app from their Facebook page.

There are many free and non-free tools that supports Facebook contest. Shortstack provides many free contest templates, and your page always under 2,000 likes. Pagemodo also provides free options. Many third-party apps that support Facebook offer free versions, but Facebook options are limited with them.

Promote your Post on Facebook

Promote your post, so that other audience can see it, audience can be your friends only or friend of friends. To promote their post, Facebook owner has to pay a flat rate in order to send a single post to certain number of users.

It is easy to setup just click the button below any of your page posts. It charges minimum $5.00 and 3-days to promote from when it is first promoted. It also provides option to select currency.

Build good relationship with others

Be patient while building relationship with other Facebook users because your one wrong step can put you down. During conversation, use content that can attract followers and follower of followers. Give rewards to loyal customers who linked with you for short–term period.

Sponsored Stories

Sponsored Stories are also the interesting Facebook feature that show user’s interactions through Facebook like.

Sponsored Stories capitalize on the “word of mouth” marketing concept. Facebook user pays attention more, when he sees more and more people like your page. The aim of Sponsored Story is to see a user takes the same action as their friends. Advertisers have been chosen to display friends “likes” if they need more page likes, display friends who have “claimed this offer” if a business needs more users to claim offers, etc.

The action (liking a page or claiming an offer) performed by friends directly go to a user’s news feed and highlights quickly. Sponsored Stories get ideal position, capable to appear in news feeds and the right side bar. Also, it is available in mobile devices. It is not only for likes or offers, can also be applicable on any Facebook Open Graph app


Facebook is really a wonderful business marketing tool, but only depends on how you use it. Use carefully and enjoy all functions of it. How much “Like” increases that much brand awareness increases.

Samual Sam
Samual Sam

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Updated on: 09-May-2022


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