Explain Behavior Driven Framework.

Behavior driven framework takes the inputs from all the stakeholders in the project like the developers, testers, product owners, managers, customers and business analysts. The idea is to bring each of the members of the project in the same understanding.

Behavior driven framework works on collaboration and coordination among everyone in the team. Technical coding knowledge is not necessary since the functional requirements or specifications are described in non – technical, common language.

This specification can be used as a standard template for the testers while designing the test cases by both automation and manual testers. Test coverage for each business scenario can be estimated easily. Besides, both the customer’s and developer’s point of view are taken into consideration.

The primary focus of BDD is achieving the behavior and nature of the application and not emphasizing much on the implementation aspect.

Some of the advantages of Behavior Driven Framework are listed below.

  • Proper review and feedback − Since the test cases are built in non-technical language, business analysts can actively take part and pass feedback on the quality and coverage of test cases.

  • Behavior driven framework is more aligned to the business impact of the requirements rather than in the development and technical implementation.

  • Creates a stronger relationship among developers, QAs, product owners and customers, thereby increasing collaboration and coordination among them.

  • Behavior driven testing involves a lot of reusable features hence easy to maintain.

Thus the process of BDD can be demonstrated like this −

  • The nature of the application is described in plain English.

  • Based on the nature description, develop the test scripts.

  • Then move to the development of the application code as per the behavior.

  • Execute the automated scripts on the newly developed code.

  • Analyze the results of the test execution.

  • If the test script does not pass, fix the errors in the code.

  • Once all the test scripts pass, refactor the code for ensuring quality.

Given When Then terminologies are used while designing the test cases.

Cucumber is the tool present for Behavior Driven Testing Framework.

Updated on: 11-Jun-2020


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