Explain Keyword driven framework.

Keyword driven framework is also known as table driven framework. Here we have a table where we describe the keywords or actions for the methods that have to be executed.

Automation test scripts are developed based on the keywords or actions mentioned in excel. The automation testers need to extend the framework capabilities by updating or building newer keywords.

People working on manual testing with lesser programming knowledge can use this framework. The main idea is to identify the keywords or actions and utilize them in excel maintained for that particular test scenario. Often this excel sheet becomes a substitute for a test case document.

However, the building or development of this framework with the keywords requires strong technical knowhow. One important aspect of this framework is that each of the keywords has a specific action to be performed on an object. An action is basically the functional requirement of the product.

The objects refer to the elements or the other resources like URL or database credentials for the environment on which execution is to be performed. However once the framework includes more and more keywords and features, it no longer remains scalable.

While using this framework, the user should be aware of all the developed keywords and their purposes in order to use it in the best possible way.

The advantages of Keyword driven framework are listed below −

  • Both automation and manual testers can work and contribute to this framework.

  • A keyword or action can be used in several test cases.