Expert Detectives


The story named 'Expert Detectives' is from 'The Broken Flute' by Sharada Dwivedi. It depicts the investigative story led by two siblings, Maya and Nishad. They try to reveal the real identity of a suspicious man Mr Nath. They started investigating things like 'expert detectives'. The siblings were playing with marbles when the marbles got into Mr Nath's room. Then they found something suspicious with the person. The story starts here.

What is the significance of the title 'Expert Detectives'?

The title 'Expert Detectives' signify some mystery in the story. Here the expert detectives are two characters: Maya and Nishad. They start to investigate like skilled detectives to solve the mystery regarding the suspicious Mr Nath.


The story 'Expert Detectives' discloses the initiatives of two siblings to find out the truth about a strange person called Mr Nath. Seven years old Nishad, also known as 'Seven' and her ten years old sister Maya found out about Mr Nath when their marbles get into his room. The siblings doubt his identity. The scars on Mr Nath's face do not look good to them. They think he might be a criminal. These children are like 'expert detectives' who take the initiative to know more details about this suspicious person.

Mr Nath was these children's mother's patient. According to their mother, the person is quite well-mannered. But Maya thinks the opposite. According to her, Mr Nath is a 'crook on the run '. But Nishad does not agree with his sister about labelling a person as a criminal. Instead, he thinks the person is poor and cannot afford to arrange food for himself. Maya suspects that Mr Nath has a lot of money that he has collected illegally. She also adds that Ramesh brings food for Mr Nath every day twice from the restaurant downstairs.

So, Mr Nath has money to pay for food. She is also suspicious about the scars on the person's face. She suspects that he survived after fighting against the police. But Nishad disagrees, saying that their mother already confirmed those are burn marks. Then Maya thinks the police must set fire to his house to accelerate his surrender to them.

The children's mother's chamber is in Girgaum. On a Monday, Nishad joins his mother at her clinic. On that day, we see Maya is busy with her school friend and stays at home. Nishad finds some important information about Mr Nath on that day. So, when Nishad reports to Maya the details about Mr Nath, she gets mad for not being there. Nishad tells her sister that he knocked on the strange person's door. The suspicious man opened the door asking if Nishad had lost a marble again. At last, Maya gets disappointed hearing how Nishad left the place giving chocolate to Mr Nath.

Nishad also informs how he failed to check the person's room because he did not ask him to come inside. But later, he discloses the information he got from Ramesh in the restaurant. Maya shows interest in knowing further about the incidents. Nishad tells her that Mr Nath takes two meals a day and tips him every time generously. Mr Nath takes simple meals like two chapattis, dal and vegetables twice a day.

He also takes two cups of tea in the morning and afternoon. And Mr Nath always pays in cash. According to Ramesh, Mr Nath has the same visitor every Sunday morning who takes lunch with him. The person is tall, fair and wears spectacles. He is talkative, unlike Mr Nath. Now Maya finds something suspicious after getting the information. She says there must be some reason behind being generous about paying tips. She also suspects the visitor. And Maya also thinks there is some progress in their investigation, like expert detectives. But Nishad does not look convinced.

Maya continues to investigate the next day as she gets an opportunity to stay home. Nishad does not look much interested in accompanying her sister on the investigation anymore. They are stuck at home due to heavy rain. Maya writes down some points on catching a crook. She shares nine facts she found about the investigation with her brother. But Nishad still gets no point in suspecting the person. Nishad shows sympathy for Mr Nath, who has stayed at Shankar House for more than a year. He also wants to be a friend of the suspicious man. The story ends here with Maya's disappointment and an unsolved investigation.

Explanation of the Story

'Expert Detectives' is a story about a brother and sister named Nishad and Maya, respectively. Maya is an investigative girl who suspects a person named Mr Nath for his strange attitude and secrecy. The children in the story are the 'expert detectives'. They are interested in disclosing Mr Nath's true identity. Maya leads the investigation like a detective and expects her brother Nishad would follow her.

But Nishad does not agree with her sister in every step. He shows sympathy for Mr Nath, who stays alone and looks thin by appearance. He also considers Mr Nath as a poor person who cannot buy enough food for himself. But Maya rejects such concepts and continues with her investigation. She collects all facts giving the title 'CATCHING A CROOK' Expert Detectives: Nishad and Maya Pandit By Appointment to the Whole World. But Nishad is not convinced even after all facts considered by his sister. He also declares his wish to make Mr Nath his friend. Maya looks disappointed and angry at the end. The story ends here with the failure of Maya as a detective. Nishad's unwillingness brings problems to Maya's further move as an expert detective. They fail to find Mr Nath's mysterious identity.


The story shows the initiative of two siblings, Maya and Nishad, to expose the true identity of Mr Nath. The incidents in the story evolve with their activities to discover his actual intention. But at last, Nishad disagrees with his sister's idea to proceed with the investigation, and he feels terrible seeing the poor condition of Mr Nath.

However, the story ends here with an unanswered mystery but shows the strategic ideas of little detectives.


Q1. Why does Maya consider Mr Nath a crook?

Ans. Maya considers Mr Nath a crook because he stays alone and does not work. His appearance is scary to children. He does not leave his home and orders food paying generous tips.

Q2. How does Nishad feel about Mr Nath?

Ans. Nishad feels pity for Mr Nath, who seems a lonely and poor person to him. Ultimately, he leaves his sister's side to investigate Mr Nath's suspicious activities further.

Q3. Who is Mr Nath's visitor?

Ans. A tall, fair and robust person with spectacles visits Mr Nath every Sunday.

Q4. How do the children get a holiday?

Ans. The children get a holiday as heavy rainfall disrupts the roads to their school.

Updated on: 13-Oct-2022

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