Expensive Suit Fabrics

Suits are a vital part of western attire. There are different suits made from different fabrics and compositions. But it is essential to understand the difference between expensive and cheap suits. Various components are used in the making of a suit.

Expensive or premium materials are made from high-quality materials and provide a luxurious touch. Although these suits are quite expensive, they are worth the investment. If you are interested in knowing your style but don’t know much about the details of suits, this article is for you.

What factors influence suit prices?

There are cheap suits and expensive suits. Both are made from the same materials. But expensive suits increase the body’s grace, while cheap ones decrease it. There are some reasons that affect the price of the suits.


The price of the suit depends on its construction. Hand-woven suits are more expensive than machine-made suits because hand-weaving results in perfection. The quality of the suit matters a lot in the way the suit is constructed. The increase in the use of machinery decreased the production of hand-made suits.


Another factor on which the price of the suit depends is the fabric used to make the suit. As the quality of the fabric increases, so does the price of the suit. A good fabric provides comfort and stretchability. The suit is extremely durable.

Brand and Reputation

A brand is one of the most significant factors in increasing the price of the suit. A big brand comes with a solid reputation among buyers. So, obviously, they provide a high-quality suit with meticulous workmanship. These suits are made in excellent condition and thus usually have a high price.

Components of expensive suits

A high price doesn’t mean that the quality of the suit must be good. Learning how to put a good amount of money into buying a suit is vital. An expensive suit depends on various factors, which are very important in making suits.


Fabric is an essential material in the making of suits. The texture of the fabric decides whether the suit is appropriate for the occasion. The fabric’s reputation should be good. Expensive suits should be made of pure wool. The mixture of fabrics can reduce the quality of the suit and may not be as strong as one made of pure fabric. Although the synthetic material provides lustrousness to the suit and enhances its overall appearance,

Cut and Fit

The size of the suit matters a lot. Suits are made in different styles. Some are tighter or looser, but the right size of the suit should make the body relaxed. The sleeves should be properly cut unless the suit has a baggy appearance. They should fall at the right angle. Around the waistline, a light curve is a must, which helps to give shape to the body. All other materials wouldn’t matter if the suit didn’t fit the wearer.


Another component of the suit’s details It is essential to go deep into the suit-making process. Details provide the suit with a finishing touch. Buttons should be stitched very nicely and in the proper position. If the suit is made with attention to detail, it will have a classy appearance. The details make the suit stand out.


The construction of the suit depends on the canvas. If cheap canvas is used during the making of a suit, then the final suit is usually limp and lifeless. The suit should mould to your body to give it a classy appearance. Expensive suits are generally hand-stitched, as they finish the layers of fabric.

The Most Expensive Suits

As you know by now, there are factors that affect the price and the components that expensive suits are made of. Below are some of the most expensive suits in the world.

  • Stuart Hughes Diamond Edition − The Stuart Hughes Diamond Edition suit is the most expensive suit in the world. It costs around $778,290. The suit is made of jewels, which accounts for its high price. The suit is made of cashmere wool, silk, and diamonds weighing 480 or 8.5 carats. This suit was designed by Richard Jewels and Stuart Hughes in around 6 hours of hard work.

  • Alexander Amosu Vanquish Bespoke Suit − popular fashion designer Alexander Amosu designed this suit. The fabrics used in the suit are vicuna, wool (made from the fur of the Arctic musk box), and a pashmina. It costs $90,953 as of today. The suit is pricey because it features nine 18-karat gold buttons and pavé-set diamonds.

  • Dormeiul Vanquish II Suit − This suit was designed by the Dormeiul group and has gained a lot of popularity worldwide. The fabrics used to make this suit are royal qivuik, ambassador, dorsilk, kirgzy white, and fifteen point eight. It costs around $95,319 in today’s money.


Suits are made from various components and depend on numerous factors. The quality of the suit increases the price. It would be best if you were sure what suit fits you well. The actual material can enhance the look of the suit. But an expensive suit doesn’t always mean a high-quality one. It would be best if you went deep to find the perfect suit. If you shop well, a good-quality suit is costly, but it is worth the price.