Difference Between Suit Blazers and Tuxedos

Tuxedos have satin lapel facing, buttons, pocket trim, and a satin side stripe down the leg of the trousers. Suit blazers usually lack satin and have plastic buttons or buttons faced with the same fabric as the coat. Some modern tuxedo options have reduced the use of satin to a thin satin trim on the lapels and a thin satin bead down the pant leg. However, the primary distinction between the two is that tuxedos have satin and suits do not. There are, of course, exceptions to every rule.

Suit Blazers

A blazer, unlike a jacket, has its own personality: it was designed to be worn with mismatched pants. The Navy Blazer is a double-breasted, blue blazer with six golden buttons and flap pockets. The club blazer is single-breasted. It is typically blue with patch pockets. Blazers' nature has been altered by fashion, and they can now be found in a variety of shapes and colors.


A tuxedo is an ensemble (or outfit) of clothing that includes a white dress shirt, a bow tie, dress pants, a tuxedo suit jacket (also known as a dinner jacket), leather dress shoes, and sometimes a vest or cummerbund, top hat, and gloves. This outfit is known as "black tie" in Europe. In Western countries, many men wear this outfit on formal occasions such as a wedding or a fancy party or dance.

Some men wear tuxedos to work, such as symphony orchestra musicians or waiters in high-end restaurants.

Difference Between Suit Blazers and Tuxedos

The primary visual distinction between a tuxedo and a suit is that tuxedos have satin details—satin-faced lapels, satin buttons, and a satin side-stripe down the pant leg—while suits do not. The use of satin in modern tuxedos is often limited to a thin trim on the lapels and a skinny stripe down the pant leg, but this is still considered a tuxedo. The jacket, lapel, and pants of a suit are all made of the same material. A suit will usually have bone, plastic, or fabric-covered buttons instead of satin buttons.

Suit Blazers Tuxedos

Blazers are of two types: singlebreasted with two buttons and doublebreasted with six buttons. Lanieri blazers can be customized. You can select one of three models based on the style of the pockets, button stance, and lapels: double-breasted with peak lapels and patch pockets; single-breasted with patch pockets; or single-breasted with flap pockets.

Tuxedos are also referred to as dinner jackets. is a semiformal evening jacket for men, traditionally in black or dark blue and with satin or grosgrain facing on the lapels. It is also the complete semiformal outfit, which includes this jacket, dark trousers, often with silk stripes down the sides, a bow tie, and usually a cummerbund.

A blazer, unlike a suit jacket, is frequently tailored with shirt-shoulders so named because the extra fabric is pushed under the shoulder in the same way that shirts are. The garment will have a softer appearance, following the natural shape of the shoulders.

Tuxedos have satin details—satin-faced lapels, satin buttons and a satin sidestripe down the pant leg.

Blazers are less formal than suit jackets. A blazer must not be as poised as the suit jacket, therefore it’s typically unlined, unpadded, the lapels aren’t edge-stitched. The blazer is very light, comfortable to wear over multiple clothes.

Tuxedos are worn with white shirts that have either a wing collar or a turndown collar.


Although suit blazers and Tuxedos share many similar characteristics, but there are subtle differences that allow you to differentiate them. One isn't better than the other; it all depends on the situation and your likeness. Each jacket has a distinct edge that will allow you to look your best in any situation.


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