Difference Between Men’s Suit & Women’s Suit

Difference Between Men’s Suit & Women’s Suit

Both men and women can dress up by wearing a suit, which sets them apart from casual attire. It is a matching set of coats and pants that are either coloured or, more particularly, white in hue. Suit culture originated in Europe and has since expanded throughout the entire world. They are typically worn when going to work or performing other official duties. Suits are available in a variety of designs and can be worn in various ways. Suits come in a variety of styles that can be separated between men's and women's suits. Men's suit coats are worn with pants, whilst women's suit coats are worn with skirts or trousers, making them easily distinguishable.

Men’s Suit

A man's suit coat often has a rigid form and is rectangular in shape. Men's suits come in a variety of styles, including two-piece and three-piece suits. A two-piece suit consists of a coat and matching pants, whereas a three-piece suit consists of a coat, matching pants, and a waistcoat. As extra accessories, men can also wear a belt, a watch, and a fedora with their suits. They are more likely to be dark in tone, such as black, brown, or grey. Wool is the material used to make women's suits.

Men's suits are body-hugging and tight to highlight the masculine muscles. In contrast to women's suits, these suits are made in various patterns and styles. Various styles are available for men's suits as well. Suits come in a variety of cuts and styles and are worn in various ways. Typically, men's suits come in formal hues like black or brown.

Women’s Suit

Women also wear suits, but there are certain variances from men. A skirt or a coat and trousers combo can be worn with a women's suit. Women may also put on a colourful shirt or t-shirt inside the coat. Women's suits are more fashion-focused than men's suits, and they allow for the addition of jewelry.

In general, formal events allow the wear of suits. Suits for women typically come in a wide range of colors. They most likely have dark coloring. Wool is the material used to make women's suits.

What is the difference between a men's suit and a women's suit?

The given table describes the major differences between men’s suit and women’s suit −

Basis Men’s Suits Women’s Suits
Fabric Light hues and cool, airy materials are used to create men's suits. They are often fashioned by hand from wool. They are created with consideration of how delicate the texture is. Wool is a delicate and warm material that is comfortable to wear in chilly climates.

Cashmere is another fabric utilised in men's suits.
Typically, the cloth used to make men's suits is also used to make suits for women. The most common fabrics used to make women's suits are cotton, wool, cashmere, linen, and polyester.
Designs Men’s suits are body-fitting and masculine. Women’s suits are more likely to be decorative and fashionable than men's.
  Cut Men's suits have a boxy, hard shape and are rectangular in design. From the neck to the chest, the coat is formed. Women's outfits, however, are more adaptable. They emphasise subtlety. Suits for women are cut with room in the chest. They are lengthened to the line of the leg before being chopped shorter.
  Buttons Men’s suits comprise two to three buttons normally. Four or more buttons are unusual and not stitched. The center, or top, button, lines up with the waistline. Women’s suits comprise of one or more buttons as usual. Usually, one button is used for large-busted ladies, and as the number increases, the suit becomes more fashionable.
  Color/Style Men’s suits are likely to be in formal colors, which include black, brown, or gray. Women's suits, however, are available in a variety of colours, including dark, pastel, and jewel shades.
  Pairing Men’s suit coats are generally worn with trousers. Men can wear a white shirt inside the coat. Suit coats for women are worn with pants or even a skirt. It is not required to wear a certain shirt with a women's suit combination. Wearing a vibrant t-shirt is another option.


Official settings emphasise formality heavily. Men's and women's suits are more interesting because of how they differ from one another. The colours, patterns, and designs should be tastefully picked and worn. It is fairly simple to tell the outfits apart because of their characteristics.


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