Executive Assistant Coaching - Introduction


Truth be told, the job of an Executive Assistant does not come with the customary money and glamour, which is a huge incentive for those who want to make a career out of hobnobbing with the rich and the successful people. However, that is exactly how this type of a job profile appears to an outsider.

The job of an Executive Assistant is much more – It is about giving valuable support to a person and his organization, which makes the job of an Executive Assistant unique. For any individual to become successful in this career, it takes a long-term practicing of the unique skills associated with this profile. This job is not always easy and fun as it might appear, however the experience could be rewarding.

Executive Assistants are expected to coordinate with multiple staff members and oversee all crucial administrative functions as a part of their daily support to their boss. Their job is to ensure that their manager makes an optimum use of their time, while the work and responsibilities are carried out in an efficient manner.

Executive Assistants

These Executive Assistants help in building value for the business by supporting their managers and making their jobs easier. They act like the organizer for their bosses. They remember appointments, coordinate with teams and synchronize events, so that the tasks are handled in a systematic way.

The job of an Executive Assistant comes with a lot of challenges and plenty of career opportunities. It is a wholesome job, in the sense that there is no “pick and choose” to it. The good comes with the bad in this job, and while some will find it fascinating and challenging, others may misunderstand it as a dull and tedious job.

There are numerous cases of Executive Assistants loving their jobs so much that they want to remain Executive Assistants till the day they retire. They see the job of an Executive Assistant as a reward they feel they have earned for being excellent in their people management skills.

Depending on the way you approach the job, aided greatly by your previous experience of administrative work, you will find a lot of positives on this job that can make someone’s career grow faster than any other platform possible. This is the only job that gives you an opportunity to work with the owners of the business, which is not bad for someone who wants to have a high growth in his career, is it?

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