Executive Assistant Coaching - Career Path


Most Executive Assistants start their careers as an Administrative Assistant, from which they get promoted to higher designations within the company. However, it does not mean that an Executive Assistant must have some special skills.

In fact, many employees with the right skill sets become an Executive Assistant, as the experience can prove useful for many positions in the company.

Working as an Administrative Assistant is not only one of the most enriching ways of gaining business experience, but also one of the most effective. As an Administrative Assistant, you can gain valuable knowledge of how business works and what networks can be used to further your career.

As an Administrative Executive Assistant, you will −

  • Build a reputation of a hardworking, fast learning and a dedicated performer.

  • Learn about the standard office procedures and business operations.

  • Knowing the important people in different departments of the company.

  • Gaining an overall awareness and idea of the business environment.

  • Becoming familiar with the flow of work daily.

  • Begin to understand the long-term cycles of the business.

Core Competencies of an Executive Assistant

Upon reviewing the list of nine core competencies an executive assistant is supposed to have, one may observe that these skills are not associated with a specific job, but almost all the management related jobs, especially those that deal with the public – such as sales or customer service. The 9 core competencies are as follows −

Core Competencies
  • Adaptability
  • Organization
  • Communication Skills
  • Proactive Anticipation of Needs
  • Judgment
  • Team Player
  • Client Service
  • Computer/Technical Skills
  • Business Concepts

That is the reason it is not easy to get the position of an Executive Assistant without prior administrative work experience. To put all your best talents forward, you can focus on how your experience is an indication of your clear ability to meet the requirements of the job.

To further understand this concept, we will be discussing two resumes

  • One whose working experience has been in a constant progression with increasing levels of responsibility with respect to experience and

  • The other of an individual who started working in a completely different field, but changed and adopted to a strong path of career growth.

This list of non-administrative jobs mentioned below also are considered as good experience for becoming an Executive Assistant −

  • Servers in Restaurants
  • Sales Associates
  • Receptionists
  • Salon/Spa, Fitness Associates
  • Teachers
  • Customer Service Representatives
  • Medical Assistants

In the next chapter, we will consider sample resumes for an executive assistant.