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Have you ever stopped to think about what happens to your email message after you press "Send"? If you're just sending your own personal emails through Gmail or your email app, your emails likely get routed through your email service's ‘Simple Mail Transfer Protocol’ (SMTP) service to your email recipient's email service's SMTP service.

It typically just works, and so most of us just ignore it. But, if you're sending thousands of emails a day through your app, or are delivering your company's newsletter to millions of people, suddenly you need to think a lot more about how your emails get sent. You'll very likely need a transactional email service, a dedicated email sending service that'll make sure your emails get delivered no matter how many you need to send.

Apart from a dedicated email sending service, have you ever wondered how many emails can you send in one single day? Are there any limitations?

The answer is probably YES.

Everything has got its limit. Same goes with email marketing. You cannot send 500 emails per day from your Gmail, Yahoo & more than 100 from a Hotmail Account. Is it possible to do Email Marketing from these email services? “Not possible”. So you have to find any better Email Marketing Service. I will be telling you the most common Email marketing services providers. I will also be disclosing, which service I use for myself.

Email Marketing Service

Service Provider Pricing

First of all, you have to decide what kind of company you are in. Going through different Email Marketing Service providers you will find their pricing model is divided in two categories.

Subscription Based

If you are running a well-established company and have fixed clients, subscribers those who want to hear from you as soon as a new product launches, Newsletters, Promotional Emails, then this Subscription Based model is very good. Keep in mind that you have to pay them monthly fees either if you are sending many emails per month or not even a single email to any of your clients.

Mailing Based

This is the second model; if you are a start-up company or want to generate leads, you have got the list of email addresses. You want to send them an email once a month or want to send Bulk Emails. Because in Bulk Email marketing you have Millions of email addresses in a list, so for going with a Monthly plan, it will cost you a lot and work out to be expensive. Therefore, a Mailing based plan is used in such a scenario.

I use a Mailing based plan in both cases, if you have a list of subscribers or I have got Millions of email addresses. I also suggest others whatever their business plan is? Mailing Based plan is always better and cheaper, because sometimes you have to send a single email or not at all.

Comparison of Service Provider

Once you have decided on a payment type − subscriber-based or mailing-based, you should think about what size of a list you have and hope to have. I hope that the links and prices on these charts are helpful for helping you decide upon a hosted bulk email service.

Comparison of Subscriber Based (Monthly) Providers

The chart below shows some top email sending platforms monthly plan based on the list of subscribers, there are some limitations you may find updated price on their website also their terms & conditions. Like how many emails can you send to 1 person in a month that could be unlimited or could be limited to 4 emails.

Monthly Provider

Comparison of Mailing Based Providers

Again you can see the chart comparing top email service provider with mailing based payment model. In short you don’t have to worry about paying each month. This one is a fair plan you have to pay whatever you have sent to your clients.

Mailing Based Provider

Email Validation Service

Now that I have given you some fundamental know-how in the earlier chapter on Email Validation. Now, we will discuss why it is essential for you and who is offering this service? Suppose you are running your own Bulk Email Marketing service. You have to send Emails to a set of Real Estate Agents and you have got the list. But you don’t know if those emails addresses are active or even exist. How old is that email list? Many emails have got deleted, banned and are not anymore in this “Hello World”.

Therefore sending Bulk email to this list without cleaning it from dead, deleted, banned, bounced email addresses will cause higher bounce back rate and you may get banned for sending SPAM. As a result of just avoiding this email validation step, your emails will always hit junk box. There are fewer chances of these emails hitting the inbox of the remaining addresses in the active email list next time.

Following are the names of a few online email validators, which might be of help −

  • Email Gang − Simple payment plans with accurate results, Cost effective, high efficiency, detailed report, list review & don’t charge for unknown emails.

  • Email Validator − They offer pay-as-you-go pricing as well as subscription plans. If you are from EU countries, you have to give 19% VAT and your Vat ID.

  • Brite Verify − Just drag & drop your email list into the window. They will scan the list to show you your total records and cost and validate it. But they are slightly expensive when compared to others in the market.

  • Verify Emails − Offering services with monthly validation limits and yearly subscription, seems disappointing.

  • Kick Box − Quickly validate and verify your email lists. Just drop your contacts directly into the Kick box interface. They will sort out the good, the bad, and the ugly. Not much details of email addresses.

  • Verifalia − They have certain limitations and are offering complex pricing plans. Visit their website to analyze the cost and then you can decide.

  • Never Bounce − Like Email Gang, they are offering free list review, that will tell you, if your list needs cleaning or not. But their pricing is higher when compared to Email Gang.

  • Data Validation − Payment terms are one-time, but at the same time their other packages like tune up+ and monthly assurance, will cost expensive. Their major plus point is that their results are quite accurate.

Email Validation Pricing Comparison

Now you have got the idea of why it is essential to do email validation. Then the next step will be to discuss various service providers and their pricing. Here is a chart with their pricing, but please do verify and contact them directly for your needs.

Email Validation

What I use, and Why?

Everyone is always in search of a service, which is hassle free, cheapest with higher quality. As you can see that in all payment plans Email Gang is cheaper as compared to others. I have suggested them in many reviews. I have also used expensive services before using Email Gang. I find it no more different with the expensive ones, while comparing features, but I have found some more features in Email Gang. These are listed below −

  • They have a reporting tool with advance tracking.

  • Statistics Opened, Bounced, Blacklisted, Marked Spam, Un Sub etc.

  • The PLUS feature is Email Validation Service. No one is offering Email Validation Service in all the service providers listed above expect for Email Gang.

  • You can use it to clean the Email List from invalid, bouncing emails.

  • This feature is also integrated with their email sending platform. So you don’t have to pay for those emails, which are invalid.

  • Apart from this, I have also searched many email validation services those are too much expensive as compared to the Email Gang.

  • If you have a list, you can send them for review they will update you free of cost whether your list needs cleaning or not.

  • Can be a good alternative to increase domain outgoing emails.

Disclosure − Author has no affiliation or partnership with any of these service providers. The comparisons and crystal clear reviews are for your convenience. A referral to a product or service on this website should not be considered an endorsement or recommendation of that product or service.”

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