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Email marketing is a digital marketing channel used and utilized to conceptualize, ideate and execute an email marketing campaign to send bulk emails to potential and existing customers to promote a business, or products, services and solutions of an enterprise. It leverages the Internet as a medium of vehicle to transmit emails to subscribers expressing interest in receiving emails. This database of subscribers is built, stored, sorted, and organized in a methodical manner and a concerted, consistent and a continuous campaign is launched to advertise, promote a company’s interest with a purpose and objective to convert leads into customers. Email Marketing campaigns, over the years, have gained significant prominence, and have become a vogue globally across multiple industry sectors to connect, interact and communicate with potential customers and today is considered as one of the most prominent methodology in overall digital marketing space.


The audience include but not limited to students, newbies, email marketing practitioners, and professionals working in online marketing departments of various organizations.

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