Email Marketing - Automation


A better feature you would find in most of the service providers. It is very useful, if you are going to make a massive blast of discount on a Black Friday or on Happy New Year and so on. This feature will automatically send your email at the specified date and time.

Checklist before sending an email

Be sure you have completed the steps mentioned below −

  • Choose a catchy, nice Subject line for a better open rate.
  • From-address is the first in all impressions on an ISP, so always choose wisely.
  • Personalize your subject line and email content.
  • A good, decent signature is always the impression, which forbids the receiver to unsubscribe.
  • Must follow all the 7 steps for Spam Compliance.
  • Avoid using spam words.
  • Do some tests to avoid being marked as a spammer.
  • Your email must have a Text version also, if you are sending the HTML version.
  • Be sure to clean your list with any of the service providers.
  • Send your email through a reputed service provider.


Tracking has made possible to track the result of your email campaign. It tells us the statistics of our email campaign. After sending emails to the list, tracking shows us the result of our campaign.

  • How many customers opened our email?
  • How many have clicked on any link or clicked to any “Call to Action” button?
  • How many of them marked our email as Spam?
  • Who unsubscribed from our mailing list?
  • How many bouncing emails are still there?

Here is an image of the tracking report shown as an illustration.

Email Gang

This tracking report would also contain all the emails addresses of the recipients under each section. Like if you want to delete those emails addresses that “Marked your email as Spam”, you can export a CSV format of the email list through tracking.

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