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Many students ask what are the benefit of certification exams and becoming certified. Is it really worth the time and money? Certification is not a requirement for every field, and many fields do not have a nationally certifying body that offers certification. For those industries that do have a certification available, is it really necessary?

To answer that question, I recommend that to look at the job opportunities in their areas. When you look at the available job posts, do they list certification requirements? The answer is likely to be, Yes! Why wouldn’t they? Certification is a way to demonstrate the skills that you have learned in a standardized and measurable way. Sure, you may have years of experience doing the tasks, but every job experience is not created equal.

Certifications are earned from a professional society, university, a certification body, or from a private certifier, for some specific certifications (e.g., Microsoft, Cisco, etc.). Some certifications must be renewed periodically, or may be valid for a specific period of time (e.g., the lifetime of the product upon which the individual is certified). As a part of a complete renewal of an individual's certification, it is common for the individual to show evidence of continued learning. Well, you will find many Certification Institutes for “Email Marketing”. But I am going to list only two of them. These two are reputable institutes & are very respected in this line of work.


Email Specialist (USD 200)


The Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Specialist Certification exam is for individuals, who want to demonstrate their knowledge, skills, and experience in the following areas: email marketing best practices, message design, subscriber and data management, inbox delivery, email automation, tracking and reporting metrics, and external integrations with the Marketing Cloud Email application. Here are a few examples of the concepts you should understand to pass this exam −

Salesforce Certified
  • Know email marketing terminology and the best practices.
  • Build relational data models.
  • Send emails via Email application sending methods.
  • Build complex email automations.
  • Run reports of email tracking data.
  • Troubleshoot and solve basic platform issues.

University of San Francisco

Advanced Email Marketing (USD 1,495)

Internet Marketing Advanced Specialized Certificates

Email marketing offers the opportunity to reach millions of people at a relatively low cost, and delivers the highest ROI (return on investment) of all the direct marketing channels. In fact, for every $1 spent, $44.25 is the average return on email marketing investment*.


Discover how to develop highly effective email campaigns that breakthrough the clutter and drive results with Advanced Email Marketing. The University of San Francisco's expert instructors reveal how to increase deliverability, improve response rates and enhance your sender reputation, while avoiding legal pitfalls. In just eight weeks, this 100% online, advanced specialized certificate course will equip you with practical skills and a valuable credential that validates your expertise in advanced email tactics and strategies.

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