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Events and emails go hand in hand. Whether you host an open house, charity gala, webinar or a customer appreciation day, the best way to promote your event and invite guests is through email invitation. It is similar to what you have been doing for all your other emails. The following image shows a sample template of an email invitation.

Event Name
  • Subject − You need an engaging and interesting subject line to pull your readers in.

  • Logo/Company Name − Using a masthead (Banner), as you would in a newsletter, works well.

  • Reason − Let the readers know what’s in it for them. Will they learn something new? Will they get to make and take something home? Will they get to network with 500 people in their industry?

  • Event Details − You obviously can’t have an event without a date, time and place. Include whatever is required like the venue, demo, webinar, or a new service and include a full log-in or signup details. Also include a link back to your website, and contact info like a phone number or email address for your business, so someone can call with questions if need be.

  • Call to Action − Once again every email needs a call to action. Don’t forget the formula I had told for successful Email Marketing. Use a button maker to help with this task, and direct people to either your signup form, your website, to a landing page, blog post, or even a Facebook events page that has a lot more details.

Now here comes the reason why I PREFACED

I just need to share these bonus tips that are essential for Email Marketing. Whatever you have read above like the Subject Line, Logo, Reason, Event Details, CTA. You can find them on the internet. What I want to share is the collection of tips that can make an EVENT successful.

  • Send more than one email − An event email isn’t a one-and-done deal. You should send at least three emails about your event. Be sure to send reminders to those who haven’t opened or clicked your email. The day before the event, send one last email to recap important information like where to park and directions.

  • Invite guests via Social Media − In addition to inviting your contacts via email, you can also invite guests via Facebook by creating an event. It’s not only another way to promote your event, but you can invite people that you don’t have email addresses for.

  • Email past participants first, and offer them a discount − If this is a recurring event, reward past participants by emailing them first and/or offering them a discount.

  • Offer early bird and regular pricing − If your event comes with a cost, offer two pricing options: Early bird and regular. Reward people who jump on the opportunity early.

With these tips, your next event email should be a shining success.

Take a look at the following event invitation. It shows how you can use all the elements discussed above to attract the attention of your customers −

San Francisco
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