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Strengthen Relationships with Email Marketing

Here are the keys for building and maintaining strong customer relationships and strategic steps to keeping customers engaged and invested in your business. Email marketing strategies can make or break your relationship with customers, which is why it’s vital to ensure, you’re sending the right messages in a timely manner.

Take these six steps to effectively strengthen your customer relationship −

Keep lines of communication with the customer’s open

The most effective communications incorporate soft selling rather than hard-hitting sales language. The newsletters, emails, tweets, and Facebook status updates (social media in general) are easy-to-use and appropriate ways for staying connected and incorporating soft sells. Product quality reports and annual company reports can also keep customers apprised.

Know the stages of customer loyalty

When you know who your loyal customers are, reward their behavior. Implement something like a points system that offers discounts or complimentary services for a certain amount of interaction with your social media profiles or website. You can also reward clients for providing you with referrals, sales lead or encouraging other business to check you out.

Provide customer support

Marketing specialists are equipped to provide businesses the type of customer support that also builds customer relationships. This can be done via blog posts, newsletters, Facebook, Twitter, and an all-encompassing social media marketplace blitz, marketers can provide information, insight, news, advice, and even technical assistance to customers. Those acts establish the company's interest in its customers, making them feel valued and needed by the company.

Ask for customers' feedback

In addition to monitoring customers’ replies and interactions with you, ask them periodically for their feedback on the products and/or services you offer, so you can customize the promotions and content you offer them. This will inevitably increase the customer engagement.

Personalize your emails

Make your emails personalized by including the customer name in an email’s call to action. Also, consider sending emails from an address that includes a first and last name, rather than a generic “sales@” e.g.

Send greeting cards

Occasionally send cards to your customers to express how grateful you are for them and their business. That one simple act will make your customers feel respected, valued, and, best of all, appreciated. Taking a few breaks from selling your company to do an unselfish act will make your customers feel good.

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