Elizabeth Taylor: Queen of Diamonds

Elizabeth Taylor’s fashion is legendary. The blue-eyed actress gained notoriety in the fashion industry, whether it was by wearing eight brand-new stylish wedding gowns or by stealing the spotlight in couture on red carpets. The stylish British actress was known for wearing the newest styles, which resulted in a lively and up-to-date wardrobe over the years.

You can see the zeitgeist of the decade in Taylor’s clothing if you browse through some of her most recognisable ensembles. Taylor adopted the New Look in the 1950s, wearing long A-line gowns and subdued head scarves. She rebelled in the 1960s by experimenting with tiny dresses and bouffant hairstyles.

Taylor’s style evolved to keep up with the trends as her career progressed. The ‘50s New Look silhouette eventually gave way to perma-tans, sassy shift dresses, bold-shouldered taffeta gowns, and subsequently, perma-tans and sassy shift dresses in the ‘60s. Despite this, Taylor was never bothered by the views of fashion critics and delighted in her own “more is more” interpretation of what a real Hollywood star should wear. The star’s dedication to elegance persisted even after she decided to give up performing for philanthropy and even as she battled illness in her later years. The suites of jewellery and dramatic makeup remained, even as dazzling kaftans and ornate tailoring replaced plunging necklines and sweeping gowns.

Her Expensive Coats

When discussing innate style, coats aren’t typically brought up, but Taylor’s appreciation of lovely outerwear significantly alters that. She can be seen wearing some of the most opulent coats made of lambswool and various types of fur in countless old images of Hollywood. It’s doubtful that a well-known person would dress in so much mink now, but the 1950s were a different era.

Overdressing Style

Taylor attended her fair share of red-carpet events and formal gatherings as a child actor who spent her entire career working in Hollywood. She was a true expert at dressing for the occasion, going above and beyond to ensure she stood out.She had a tight relationship with designer Hubert de Givenchy, and some of her most well-known ensembles are gorgeous ballgowns by Givenchy.

Her Flight Attire

With roles in films like Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and Raintree County, Taylor really found success in the 1950s. At this time, flying was considered a special occasion, so everyone tried to look their best. Compare this to the present, when travelling is so commonplace that wearing tracksuits and a sweatshirt to the airport is considered normal. At the time, few people could dress for the occasion better than Taylor at the time. She frequently appeared in immaculate tea dresses or long mink coats, giving flying the dignity that everyone thought it merited at the time.

Her Love for Diamonds

Taylor’s love of jewels, especially diamonds, was well known. She had eight weddings after all, which meant eight unique engagement rings. When she presented the Best Picture Oscar in 1970, she wore a Taylor-Burton diamond hanging from a Cartier necklace as the focal point of her ensemble. The 33-carat Elizabeth Taylor Diamond and the 68-carat Taylor-Burton Diamond are two examples of her legendary diamond items that have their own Wikipedia entries and are named after her. After all, she wrote a book titled Elizabeth Taylor: My Love Affair with Jewellery in 2002 that essentially reveals all of the information you require.

Perhaps a myth, but Taylor is frequently quoted as having said, “Huge females deserve big diamonds,” and she undoubtedly appeared to adhere to it.

She was a Muse

Taylor was the ideal subject for art due to the strength of her personality and her style. Most notably, Andy Warhol painted her numerous times; those portraits went on to become some of the most well-known representations of both Warhol’s art and the 1960s pop art movement.


Elizabeth Taylor will be remembered for many reasons, including her work on the silver screen and as an eternal romantic and beauty queen, but for us, her standing as a fashion icon will always be legendary. Elizabeth Taylor’s mesmerising outlook on life and sense of style endured for over ten years after her passing in 2011, when she would have been 90.

It is understandable why Elizabeth Taylor, a Hollywood star, continues to captivate the globe despite her turbulent marriages and huge diamond collection. Elizabeth has made confident fashion decisions over the years because of her strong sense of self. She maintained her unique flair despite her style changing and flowing in professional, romantic, and political directions.

Elizabeth’s life and body of work are viewed with an enduring and singular regard by the public, whether it is due to her fashion choices, business ventures, social activity, or creative influence.

Updated on: 06-Feb-2023


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