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Emma Chamberlain: As a Fashion Influencer

Mukesh Kumar
Updated on 22-Feb-2023 16:58:21


Emma Chamberlain is an American YouTuber and social media influencer known for her off-the-cuff and relatable approach to vlogging. Born on May 22, 2001, in San Mateo, California, Chamberlain's channel has become popular due to her humorous and honest approach to topics such as fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. She has over 8 million subscribers on her YouTube channel and is widely recognised for her unique and entertaining content. Chamberlain is also known for her laid-back and effortless style, and her influence extends beyond her YouTube channel to her social media platforms and collaborations with brands. As a Fashion Icon ... Read More

Elle Fanning: As a Fashion Influencer

Mukesh Kumar
Updated on 22-Feb-2023 16:51:09


Elle Fanning is an American actress and a fashion icon with a unique and playful sense of style. Born in 1998 in Conyers, Georgia, Fanning has been acting since a young age and continues to captivate audiences with her talent and beauty. She's also known for her charitable efforts and continues to make an impact both in Hollywood and in the fashion world. As a Fashion Icon Elle Fanning is often considered a fashion icon due to her bold and eclectic sense of style. She is known for her fearless approach to fashion, wearing a wide range of styles ... Read More

Doja Cat: As a Fashion Influencer

Mukesh Kumar
Updated on 22-Feb-2023 16:44:28


Doja Cat is a Los Angeles-based rapper, singer, and songwriter. She gained popularity with her viral hit "Mooo!" in 2018 and has since released several successful albums and singles, including "Say So, " which topped the charts. Her music combines elements of hip-hop, R&B, and pop, and she is known for her playful, quirky style and off-beat sense of humor.  Doja Cat as a Fashion IconDoja Cat has become known for her eclectic and bold sense of style, incorporating bright colours and bold patterns into her outfits. She has been featured in several fashion publications, and her unique fashion ... Read More

Bangtan Sonyeondan (BTS)

Mukesh Kumar
Updated on 22-Feb-2023 16:32:14


The group consists of seven members: RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook. BTS is known for their impressive vocal and dance skills, their engaging performances, and their high-quality music and music videos. In addition to their musical success, BTS has also become known for their fashion sense, and their style has had a significant impact on the fashion industry. BTS has collaborated with several fashion brands and has been featured in numerous fashion magazines and events, including Seoul Fashion Week and the annual American Music Awards. Personal Information BTS is a South Korean boy band formed in ... Read More

Tiffany & Co.

Mukesh Kumar
Updated on 13-Feb-2023 10:27:26


Tiffany & Co. is an American luxury jewellery and specialty retailer. The company was founded in 1837 by Charles Lewis Tiffany and John B. Young in New York City. It is known for its high-end jewellery, including engagement rings and diamond jewellery, as well as luxury watches, silverware, and home decor. The company operates more than 300 retail stores worldwide, with a flagship store on Fifth Avenue in New York City. Tiffany & Co. is also known for its iconic blue box and the "Tiffany Blue" colour associated with the brand. The company has a strong reputation for quality ... Read More

The Beatles: As a Fashion Influencer

Mukesh Kumar
Updated on 13-Feb-2023 11:00:37

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The Beatles are known for their innovative songwriting, unique sound, and cultural impact, and they have sold over 600 million records worldwide. They are also known for their pioneering approach to recording, which pushed the boundaries of what was possible in the studio and helped to usher in a new era of musical experimentation. The Beatles’ impact on popular culture extends beyond music. Fashion Sense of Each Member The Beatles were known for their distinctive and innovative fashion sense, which reflected the cultural and social changes of the 1960s. John Lennon was known for his minimalist and often ... Read More

Sara Blakely: Self-Made Female Billionaires

Mukesh Kumar
Updated on 13-Feb-2023 10:26:26


Sara Blakely is not typically considered a fashion icon in the traditional sense, as she is primarily known for her business acumen and entrepreneurship rather than her fashion sense. However, her company, Spanx, has had a significant impact on the fashion industry by popularising shapewear and changing the way women think about undergarments. Spanx has also expanded to offer a wide range of clothing, including activewear, swimwear, and everyday wear. Her brand is known for being comfortable, functional, and fashionable. She is widely respected in the fashion industry as a pioneer in the shapewear category, and her brand is ... Read More

Rudi Gernreich: Fashion’s Utopian Prophet

Mukesh Kumar
Updated on 10-Feb-2023 19:34:50


Rudi Gernreich was a pioneering and influential fashion designer who made a significant impact on the fashion industry in the 1960s. He was known for his avant-garde designs that pushed the boundaries of traditional clothing, using unconventional materials such as plastic and cut-outs. Gernreich's designs were often seen as a reflection of the sexual revolution of the time and were known for their nudity and sexual openness. He was also an early advocate of unisex clothing, which was considered revolutionary at the time. His designs were worn by many famous people, such as actress Peggy Moffitt and model Twiggy. ... Read More

Roy Raymond: Founder of Victoria’s Secret

Mukesh Kumar
Updated on 10-Feb-2023 19:34:11


Roy Raymond created Victoria's Secret with the goal of creating a more comfortable and upscale shopping experience for men looking to buy lingerie for their partners. He was able to change the way lingerie was sold, making it more accessible and less embarrassing for men to buy. Idea Behind the Company Raymond had the idea for Victoria's Secret while shopping for lingerie for his wife at a department store. He found the experience to be uncomfortable and undignified, with a limited selection of products and a lack of privacy. He believed that there was a gap in the market ... Read More

René Lacoste: As a Fashion Icon

Mukesh Kumar
Updated on 10-Feb-2023 19:32:59


René Lacoste was known for wearing a white, short-sleeved shirt with a collar and a button placket, which was a departure from the traditional, long-sleeved shirts worn by tennis players at the time. This shirt, which he called the "petit piqué, " later became known as the "Lacoste shirt" and became a popular fashion item. After retiring from tennis, Lacoste founded the Lacoste clothing company in 1933, which produced and sold the "Lacoste shirt" and other clothing and accessories, such as sweaters and polos. The company's logo, a green crocodile, was based on Lacoste's nickname, "The Crocodile, " ... Read More

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