Elasticsearch - Data Tables

The data table is type of visualization that is used to display the raw data of a composed aggregation. There are various types of aggregations that are presented by using Data tables. In order to create a Data Table, we should go through the steps that are discussed here in detail.


In Kibana Home screen we find the option name Visualize which allows us to create visualization and aggregations from the indices stored in Elasticsearch. The following image shows the option.

Visualize Home Page

Select Data Table

Next, we select the Data Table option from among the various visualization options available. The option is shown in the following image &miuns;

New Visualize

Select Metrics

We then select the metrics needed for creating the data table visualization. This choice decides the type of aggregation we are going to use. We select the specific fields shown below from the ecommerce data set for this.

Kibana Sample Data Ecommerce

On running the above configuration for Data Table, we get the result as shown in the image here −

Result of Kibana Sample Data
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