Drupal - Internationalization


In this chapter we will learn about Internationalization in Drupal. Internationalization is a module which lets you create multilingual sites. This way you can display your website in different languages.

Following are the steps to use Internationalization:

Step (1): First, click on Module from the menu bar.

Drupal Internationalization

Step (2): To get the Internationalization module you must first download and install it in Drupal. Here you must enable the Internationalization module, and then click on Save Configuration button.

Drupal Internationalization

Step (3): Next, you can see a Configure setting at the right side of the page for Internationalization module as shown below:

Drupal Internationalization

Step (4): Click on Configure and you get a page as shown below.

Drupal Internationalization

In Languages for content:

  • Enabled language only: When you check this box you can only view those languages that are enabled.

  • All Defined languages will be allowed: Only the defined languages will be allowed.

You can see some tabs at the top right corner of the page:

  • Multilingual Settings: You can study about multilingual settings in detail in the chapter Drupal - Multilingual Content

    Drupal Internationalization
  • Selection: Here you can select nodes, taxonomy according to language.

  • Variables: Selected variables to be set.

  • Node Options: Helps you to set nodes.

  • Strings: Change format of the page here.

Once you are done with the changes, click on Save Configuration.