Do you know when and how to bathe your newborn?

  1. Give your baby a sponge bath or wipe your baby's body with a moist cloth.

  2. Bathe the baby in a warm room and temperature of the water should not exceed 37 degrees C.

  3. When you bathe your newborn make sure you cover his/her ears properly so that the water does not enter his/her ears.

  4. Bath duration should not exceed five minutes in order to avoid over hydration of the skin which may lead to easily brittleness of the skin and decrease threshold for injury.

  5. Before begin to bathe your newborn, keep the baby's towel, mild cream, baby oil, baby powder, and diaper ready. Wrap the baby in a dry and clean towel as soon as you are done bathing.

  6. Use of alkaline soaps during the neonatal period should be avoided. Make sure you use only a mild cream based soap or shampoo while bathing your newborn.

Updated on: 30-Jul-2019


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