How did you know the right time to start your own business?

A year ago, I had shifted to a new city (and even a new state) of the country. Having been born and brought up in North India, I was not very familiar with this city in South India. Climate, people, culture everything was way different than where I used to live, but it was still a place where I had to stay.

Restaurant Reviewing

Everything can be adjusted, but the food is actually an offering to the soul and it is difficult to manage cooking along with a job. So, I resorted exploring food in the new city. Trying restaurants and then writing about their food. Soon, the habit of writing food reviews and giving the restaurants a genuine rating turned into a business. This journey of being a foodie to a foodie maniac and then to a restaurant reviewer was not easy. Neither was it very simple as it might seem to someone? It came with its own terms and conditions and with its own limitations and advantages.

People Watch Each Activity

You cannot be unfair to anyone. The restaurant management serves you food in the most courteous manner and the readers of the reviewers want an unbiased review of the food, ambience, service, location and the overall experience. So, each day, one needs to cover a restaurant in a broader manner.

Competition In Every Business

Food reviewing is not just about tasting, eating and enjoying. There is a cut-throat competition even here. These days there are many reviewers and they may even copy your review if you do not keep a vigil eye on them.

Finance Issue

One has to have money in order to eat at a new place daily. A camera of good resolution in order to have a clear picture is a must. Thus, it is imperative that one manages finance.

So, as said in my case, it was the need to dive into this field partially, amalgamated with my flair for writing.