Disadvantages of Monitors in Postman

Though Monitors in Postman have many features, it has some disadvantages as well. However, it is up to the end user if he should consider these features as drawbacks for Monitors.

Disadvantages of monitors are listed below −

  • Postman Monitors are non-functional provided the Postman server resides in the same server where we are. Thus it makes it difficult to determine the performance of a Collection in a different network.To solve this problem, we need to buy the Postman pro-version. On doing so, the Postman shall then give us another IP address with which we would be able to execute Monitors.

  • Postman Monitors are incapable of handling Global variables. While creating a Monitor, we have to copy all the Global variables as local ones within a newly created Environment.

  • The free version of Postman Monitor can only help us to get familiarized with its features. Also, we can make a thousand API requests in each month with the free version.

However, we can buy the paid version of the Postman Monitor and make any number of API calls via Monitor.