What are Postman Monitors?

Postman Monitors are used to ensure that the performance and the Response obtained from an API are being maintained properly. Monitors are scheduled on a regular interval of minutes, hours or weeks for the entire day.

The steps to create a Postman Monitor are listed below −

Step 1 − Click on the arrow symbol to the right of the Collection name. Then click on the Monitors tab.

Step 2 − Click on the Create a Monitor button.

Please Note  we have to Sign in to a Postman account in order to create a Monitor.

Step 3 − Provide an input to the Monitor name, Version Tag, Use an environment, Monitor run frequency and Regions fields in the Configuration tab and then click on Create.

Step 4 − The Monitor gets created. Click on Close and proceed.

Step 5 − The Monitor name is now visible under the Monitors tab. Click it.

Step 6 − A new window opens in the browser. Then click on Run.

Step 7 − The Monitor Console shall open with the result of the execution along with the tests which passed, failed and so on.

Step 8 − Click on any rectangular bar and at the bottom of the same screen, we shall get the results of individual requests for an iteration.