Difference between WAN and a WWAN

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WAN, stands for Wide Area Network and is a computer network to connect large areas like a country.


WWAN, stands for Wireless Wide Area Network and is similar to WAN. It is relatively new and getting popularity now a days.

Following are the important differences between WAN and WWAN.

1Stands forWAN stands for Wide Area Network.WWAN stands for Wireless Wide Area Network.
2Connection TypeWAN connections includes wired as well as wireless connection technologies.WWAN connections are completely wireless technology based.
3CoverageWAN covers a large geographical regions like country.WWAN covers a large geographical regions.
4CostWAN connections are less expensive, more secure that wireless connections of WWAN.WWAN connections are more expensive and considered less secure than wired connections.
5ComplexityInstallation of WAN is relatively cheaper but complex to install.Installation of WWAN is costly but simple.
6PerformanceWAN provides good performance and impact of weather is limited.WWAN provides high performance but may get impacted in bad weather.
7MobilityWAN has limited mobility.WWAN is highly mobile in nature.
8InterruptionWAN connections can not be interrupted easily.WWAN connections can be interrupted easily.
Updated on 28-Nov-2019 11:26:38