Difference between Spoofing and Phishing

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Spoofing is a kind of computer virus attack where a person steals the details of a legitimate user and acts as another user. It is a kind of identity theft. This type of attack is generally used to breach security of big systems or to steal sensitive information of users.


Phishing is a kind of social engineering attack where a person steals the sensitive information of user in a fraud manner by disguising as a legitimate person.

Following are the important difference between Spoofing and Phishing.

Sr. No.KeySpoofingPhishing
1DefinitionSpoofing is an identity theft where a person is trying to use the identity of a legitimate user.Phishing is where a person steals the sensitive information of user like bank account details.
2CategorySpoofing can be phishing in part.Phishing is not a part of spoofing.
3WayFor Spoofing, someone has to download a malicious software in user's computer.Phishing is done using social engineering.
4PurposeSpoofing is done to get a new identity.Phishing is done to get confidential information.
5ExamplesIP Scoofing, Email Scoofing, URL Scoofing.Phone Phishing like asking OTP or getting bank account details, Clone phishing.
Published on 27-Nov-2019 08:12:27