What is GPS spoofing?

GPS (Global Positioning System) is currently the conventional method for passengers to navigate from point A to point B quickly and effectively. While GPS provides businesses and people with unrivalled benefits, there are certain disadvantages in using this technology. Through GPS spoofing, GPS devices might be exposed to cyber assaults.

Many developed nations have had global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) for years, and GPS is just one of them. When someone uses a radio transmitter to deliver a fake GPS signal to a receiver antenna to counter a valid GPS satellite signal, this is known as GPS spoofing. The strongest GPS signal is used by most navigation devices, and the phoney signal dominates the weaker but authentic satellite signal.

GPS Spoofing vs GPS Jamming

GPS spoofing and GPS jamming are not the same things.

  • When a cybercriminal jams GPS signals completely, this is known as GPS jamming. In the United States, it is unlawful to sell or use GPS jamming technology that can disrupt communications.

  • While GPS jamming looks to be the more serious concern, GPS spoofing is a double-edged sword for a number of firms. Hackers can use GPS spoofing to tamper with navigation systems without the operators' knowledge. The phoney GPS feeds lead drivers, ship captains, and other operators to deviate from their intended path without being forced to. Shipping firms, taxi services, and construction organisations are all highly sensitive to GPS spoofing.

Danger of GPS Spoofing

The Risks of GPS SpGPS spoofing isn't simply a problem for corporations and government organisations; it may also cause serious problems for people who rely on GPS.

  • For those who prefer sailing, cruising the coastlines' waterways is a favoured pastime. GPS-based navigation devices are used aboard modern boats. A cybercriminal can employ GPS spoofing to trick a captain into steering his ship off course and into the direction of modern-day pirates.

  • Location-based dating applications are marketed as a safe method to meet a possible partner by their creators. These applications make use of GPS technology to assist users in determining dates based on their current location.

  • The future of driving has arrived. Autopilot is currently available in some electric cars, providing unrivalled ease to road-weary drivers. However, an independent investigation has discovered a fundamental flaw in the navigation systems of the autos.

How to Protect Yourself from GPS Spoofing

  • By placing redundant antennas in several positions around your site, you can detect whether one of them is being used for GPS spoofing.

  • GPS spoofing detection software is also being developed by companies like Regulus Cyber, which warns users of spoofing instances and prevents their devices from responding on falsified GPS data.

  • Additionally, when anytime connection isn't actively necessary, enterprises should consider leaving GPS-enabled equipment offline, making it less vulnerable to assault.

  • Following the basics of security hygiene such as frequent updates and password changes as well as the usage of two-factor authentication, network firewalls, and other cyber defences, provides further protection.

Updated on: 16-Feb-2022


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