Difference between Phishing and Vishing

There are digital advancements today at their peak; therefore, various advanced and cyber threats on a big level have also occurred from time to time around the world. These cyber-threats have different forms and are very miscellaneous. People use various methods, and most people have suffered from this.

There are various types of email attacks used by attackers to abstract the personal information of users. This important information includes login authentication, bank details, or any other informative data. Phishing and Vishing are the types of email attacks.

What is Phishing?

Phishing is a type of email attack in which the stealer tries to get hold of the user's important data in a fraudulent way. For example, by using electronic communication, your data is stolen from the related have faith incorporation. Assaulters design emails to target a group and provide a link to click and insert the virus code on the computer.

For example,

  • Bank transaction passwords from the people

  • Thieving login credentials

What is Vishing?

Vishing is a cyber-attack in which stealing is done using voice communication. Voice communication is used to steal important information from users. In Vishing, the assaulter deceives the target to provide the delicate data through the voice call by fooling the employee from the trustable company.

For example,

  • Calling the user and asking bank ATM OTP or password

  • Asking for the bank account UPI PIN.

Difference between Phishing and Vishing

Phishing assault is done through emails to a large number of people.Vishing assault is done through voice communication to a large number of people.
Sufferers need to click on the vicious link.Sufferers need to tell the information by themselves through voice communication.
Phishing is an automatic assault.Vishing is not an automatic assault.
The assaulter has sent various emails at a time.Whereas in Vishing, a voice attack is done by the assaulter only a single time.
Its preciseness is more.Its preciseness is less.
Currently, phishing is used frequently.Vishing is done previously, but presently also some assaulters use this technique to fraud the people.
Assaulters who hack the information using phishing are mainly professional hackers.Scammers are not professional hackers in Vishing.
Some of the crucial phishing are sphere phishing, clone phishing, whaling, etc.While visiting takes place through numerous mediums as video calls through skype, zoom, etc.

The common attacks of phishing and Vishing are going on through a call to win some prize or lottery. And to claim these prizes, they will ask you for your OTP or specific number. However, you can take some steps to avoid these scammers' calls, like block the numbers or report them. However, sometimes, scammers steal the identity from our phones. Therefore, this makes it more difficult to find out that they are authentic or not.