Difference between OneDrive and SecureSafe

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Microsoft OneDrive is a file hosting and coincides service given by Microsoft. It will provide users with the facility to store the files, personal information and for sharing files. It will provide 5GB of storage space.

It was brought into existence by Microsoft in 2007. Generally, this is used by the people who will do the professional work like storing the information or data related to work, which needs good security.


SecureSafe is a cloud storage and file hosting service that the Dswiss AG gives. It will provide you with a password safe, a document depository and digital spaces for the online alliance. SecureSafe was evolved based on the fundamentals of security by design and privacy by design.

Dswiss AG introduced it in 2009. It gives 100 MB of free storage space. Also, it provides you with limited storage space when paid up to 100GB. This service is quite different because of its powerful double encryption, triple data storage and zero-knowledge planning, making sure that you will get the high level of security.

Where are OneDrive files stored?

As stated above, OneDrive stores the files on the cloud storage. After January 2016, you can store up to 5G of files currently, arranged in document case. It is simple to use OneDrive as Microsoft has done a great job by keeping it in this way all through these years. However, it has some things which you don’t like.

For example, you cannot drag and drop the folders or upload them with your document composition. Instead, you have to generate them directly through the web browser of OneDrive. Probably, this is something that is inscribed for future renewal.

Difference between OneDrive and SecureSafe

It will give you 5GB of storage space.It will give you 100MB of storage space.
It will allow finite maximum storage for paid.It will allow finite storage space for paid.
It assists developer API.It does not help developer API.
It does not provide data endowment.It provides data endowment.
The largest storage size is 5TB here.Here the largest storage size is 100GB.
The ideal file size here is 100GB.The ideal file size here is 2 GB.
It assists file interpretation.It does not assist file interpretation.
It assists remote transmission.It does not assist remote transmission.

Benefits you may not know about OneDrive

Thankfully OneDrive can be pretty much used in every device. Here are some of the great benefits which you do not know about storing OneDrive on your device.

  • Interpretation − View, Download, or regain the previous versions of your office files.

  • Implant − take your important files, pictures or videos and create an HTML code that grants you to embed them in different locations.

  • Combination with the office − Spontaneously open and save files to your OneDrive direct from the office.

OneDrive for business storage is also available. As for the business, the OneDrive function is provided by SharePoint.

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