Difference between BorgBase and Jumpshare

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There are different types of cloud services out there. Some focus on backup while some focus on the security of the files stored. But, how will we know the specialty of each cloud service? The only way is to try each one and research them. In this article, let’s find out the major differences between two cloud services: BorgBase and Jumpshare.


BorgBase was founded in 2010 by The Borge Collective. BorgBase is a file hosting service that is used for hosting borg repositories. In this cloud server, more importance is given to data security. It achieves this by using highly secured encryption and append-only mode that make sure the data is never lost.

  • It offers a free account of 10 GB which can be extended to unlimited by paid version. The availability of different types of plans, including the user custom plan, helps users choose the storage according to their usage. The maximum size in a plan can be unlimited based on what the user intends to do.

  • It's an open-source deduplicating backup software made preferably for Unix-based and Mac operating systems backed up by a large and active open-source community.

  • BorgBase, also known as attic backup software, was developed in 2010 to support a "more open, faster-paced development."

  • It offers 10 GB of free storage and two repositories for all their clients and provides unlimited storage space for paid clients.

Mainly developed using Python, it supports compression and 256-bit AES client-side encryption to protect all their data.


Jumpshare is a visual communication platform that integrates file sharing, screenshot capturing, and screen recording into a single software. Ghaus Iftikhar launched the company in October of 2011.

  • Jumpshare allowed guests to upload and share files at first. Then Jumpshare enhanced their service by adding screenshot and video recording options.

  • They work on almost all platforms such as Windows, MacOS and iOS devices.

  • Jumpshare uses 256-bit AES encryption. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have an option for private, end to end encryption or zero-encryption knowledge.

  • Jumpshare offers 2 GB of free storage and allows maximum storage of up to 1 TB. The full file size is 250 MB for free and unlimited for premium members.

  • It supports remote uploading and has traffic or band-width of 5 GB for free and 200 GB per month for paid users.

  • Over 200 different file kinds are supported on the site, including pictures, Office files, e-books, audio and video files, and even code files.

It is less expensive because it charges less for additional storage. Users do not have to sign up to upload files to Jumpshare initially, but it was later made mandatory.

Difference between BorgBase and Jumpshare

The following table highlights the major differences between BorgBase and Jumpshare −

It mainly focuses on the security of data. It achieves this by using highly complex encryption and providing an append-only mode for files.It mainly focuses on sharing of files more than the security of files.
It is mainly intended for Unix-like operating systems. But, it can be run on Windows by using Cygwin.It is available in almost all operating systems.
There are no features for taking screenshots and screen recording.There are features for taking screenshots and screen recording.
It offers a free account of 10 GB storage.It offers a free account of 2 GB storage.
It supports custom plans for users, and it also provides an option to change plans in between.It does not provide custom plans.
The maximum storage offered for the paid account is unlimited.The maximum storage offered for the paid account is 2 TB.
Published on 07-Sep-2021 11:38:51