Difference between OCR and MICR

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OCR, Optical Chararacter Recognition, is a technology to convert the scanned documents into digital documents. This technique helps to identify the text stored in images and is also used to distinguish the hand written vs printed documents.


MICR, Magnetic Ink Character Reader, is also a character recognition technology majorly used by banks to process and clear the cheques. MICR is also used to verify the documents.

1Stands forOCR stands for Optical Character Recognition.MICR stands for Magnetic Ink Character Reader.
2ScanningOCR can scan any kind of printed text.MICR scan specific formats present in a cheque.
3Supported FontsA wide variety of fonts are supported.Few fonts are supported like E-138 and CMC-7.
4Supported InkA wide variety of inks are supported.Magnetic ink created using iron oxide, is supported only.
5UsageScanned data is used to edit or print.Scanned data is used to process cheque.
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