Difference Between Logical and Physical Address in Operating System

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In this post, we will understand the difference between the logical and physical addresses in operating system −

Logical Address

  • This address is generated by CPU.

  • The address space consists of the set of all logical addresses.

  • These addresses are generated by CPU with reference to a specific program.

  • The user has the ability to view the logical address of a program.

  • The user can use the logical address in order to access the physical address.

Physical Address

  • This address is a location in the memory unit.

  • This address is a set of all physical addresses that are mapped to the corresponding logical addresses.

  • The user can’t view the physical address of program directly.

  • It is computed using MMU.

  • The user can indirectly access the physical address.

Updated on 20-Apr-2021 09:11:25