Difference between GUI and CLI

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GUI and CLI are user interfaces.

Following are the important differences between GUI and CLI.

1InteractionUser interacts with computer using Graphics like images, icons.User interacts with computer using commands.
2NavigationNavigation is easy.Navigation is difficult.
3Peripherals usedKeyboard, mouse or any other pointing device.Only keyboard.
4PrecisionGUI has low precision.CLI has high precision.
5SpeedGUI is of low speed.ClI is of high speed.
6UsageUsage is easy.Usage is difficult, requires expertise.
7Memory requirementHigh memory requirement.Low memory requirement.
8FlexibilityHighly flexibile user interface.Little flexibile user interface.
9CustomizeGUI is highly customizable.CLI appearance is not easily changable.
10Typing CheckGUI normally handles type errors and correct them.CLI don't handles type errors.
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