Difference between Google Fi and Ting

Both Google Fi and Ting are Mobile Virtual Network Operator, MVNO and provides telephone calls, SMS and mobile broadband services using cellular networks and WiFi.

Google Fi

Google Fi offers wireless services and access to a wide range of online services provided by Google. In the US, Google Fi is available on T-Mobile, Sprint and US Cellular networks.


Ting is a wireless service provider based in Toronto, Ontario. In Ting, there is no subscription plan, users pay as per their usage. Ting ISP was launched in Feb'2012 by Tucow's Inc.

The following are some of the important differences between Google Fi and Ting.

Sr. No.KeyGoogle FiTing
1ConceptGoogle Fi is a mobile virtual network operator, MVNO and wireless service provider operator for easier communication over networks.Ting is also an MVNO and ISP.
2PlansGoogle Fi provides plans starting from $20 per month for unlimited calls and messages, WiFi hotspot and 24/7 customer support.
Ting has no plans and users pay as per their usage.
3Unlimited plansGoogle Fi has unlimited call/text/network plans.Ting has no such plans.
4PhonesGoogle Fi has linked plans with flagship Android phones like Motorola, Samsung galaxy flagship smartphones.Ting also has decent collections of flagship phones including the iPhone.
5Mobile NetworkGoogle Fi is on Sprint, T-Mobile and US Cellular Network.Ting is on Sprint and T-Mobile only.