Difference between Google Drive and CloudMe

Google Drive

Google Drive is a file hosting service provided by Google. It was launched on April 24, 2012. It allows users to store files in the cloud, sync files across devices, and share files.

  • In addition to a web interface, Google Drive has Apps for most devices that can be used offline.

  • Google Drive doesn't only help you save files, it also serves as a central location for all of your Google activities.

  • Google's whole ecosystem of products, including its G Suite of office apps, is compatible with the Drive. So, chances are most people on the Internet already have a Google Drive account, as it is initiated even with apps such as YouTube.

  • Google Drive provides the user with 15 GB of free storage that can be expanded up to 30 TB upon payment. However, there is a maximum file size depending on whether it is a spreadsheet, presentation, or other types of files and also have some limitations in storing the versioning history feature.

  • Data stored on Drive is encrypted in 128-bit AES along with a multi-factor authentication feature.


CloudMe offers cloud storage and file synchronization services. It is owned and operated by CloudMe AB, a Swedish company, and has its servers operated in Sweden. It was founded in 2012 by Daniel Arthursson.

Initially, it was named iCloud.com but had to change it since Apple acquired the domain for a reported amount of 4.5 million US Dollars.

  • CloudMe has cloud storage and sync solution that allows users to store, access, and share their stuff with one another and those who aren't using the service. Email, text messaging, Facebook, and Google are all options for sharing.

  • Files can be saved in a blue folder that syncs across all linked computers and devices.

  • CloudTop.com is a web desktop and cloud OS service that uses CloudMe as its internet file system. They offer 3GB of free storage for their users and can be expanded to 5TB for businesses with client-side encryption.

Difference between Google Drive and CloudMe

The following table highlights the major differences between Google Drive and CloudMe −

Google DriveCloudMe
Offers 15GB of free storageThey offer 3 GB of free storage to users
Maximum storage up to 30 TBMaximum storage space is 5 TB for businesses`
Maximum file size here is 5 TB.No maximum file sizes
128-bit AES and two factor authentication with no client-side encryptionClient side encrypted
It supports file versioning.Partly supports file versioning

Updated on: 19-Aug-2021


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