Difference between Fedora and Red Hat


Fedora is Linux based and open-source operating system intended for developers and system administrators. It is supported by a huge Red Hat Community. It was introduced in Sep 2003. Initially, it was also known as Fedora Core. Fedora OS uses IPSec to connect to remote machines or networks. It uses Internet Key Exchange, IKE protocol to make secure, robust connections between machines.

Red Hat

Red Hat Enterprise Linux, RHEL is also Linux based operating system but it is targetted for business usage. It is sold using annual/monthly subscription basis including the technical support and Red Hat network. It was introduced in 1994 as a successor of Fedore Core.

The following are some of the important differences between Fedora and Red Hat.

Sr. No.KeyFedoraRed Hat
1TargetFedora OS is primarily for developers and system administrators and is a general-purpose operating system .RHEL OS is intended for businesses, corporate organizations.
2CostFedora is open source, free to use, modify and distribute linux distribution OS.RHEL is a subscription-based OS.
3Release CycleFedora's new versions are released nearly every six months.Red Hat is updated in 12 to 18 months release cycle.
4Technical supportFedora is not supported by Red Hat, so it is not recommended for production environments.Red Hat provides technical support for a given time period.
5StabilityFedora is less stable as compared to Red Hat.Red Hat is the most stable Linux distribution.

Updated on: 16-Apr-2020


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