How to Make a Paper Hat?

Paper hats are a fun craft for kids, you can use them as part of a Halloween or birthday party decorations or give them to people in exchange for Christmas cards. You can also use them as an alternative to party blowers at a birthday celebration.

In this article, you will learn different techniques of making paper hats and the best type of paper to use.

Method 1: Peter Pan Style

Below you will find the step by step guide of making Paper Hat by Peter Pan Style.

Step 1: Get the sheets ready

Make a crease in the center of a square or rectangular paper. Take the paper and fold it in half along its length (hotdog style). Unfold the paper after running your fingertip down the crease to loosen it. In a subsequent step, this crease will be your guide. The finest material to use is a piece of newspaper measuring around 29 12 by 23 12 inches (75 by 60 cm), but you can also use a sheet of printer paper to build a hat suitable for a smaller doll.

Step 2: Fold the paper

Make sure you fold the paper in half across the width. After you have brought the paper's thin ends together, flatten it out (hamburger style). To fine-tune the point, run your fingernail down the crease with your finger. Avoid unfolding the paper in any way.

Step 3: Further folding

Fold the top corners in toward the fold in the middle of the paper. Turn the paper over so that the folded edge runs along the top of the sheet. Both top-end corners of the paper should be folded to meet the crease. In the end, you will have the form of a home.

Step 4: Make the borders and margins

One flap that runs along the bottom margin should be folded upward. Along the bottom border of the home form you have created, there are two layers or "flaps" of paper. Take the top flap and fold it up into the uppermost position. The new crease along the bottom border of the paper should be parallel to the bottom edges of the triangles.

Step 5: Set the brim according to your size

If the brim is too broad for your head, you may fold it inwards. When you unfold the brim, you'll see a crease in it. After bringing the bottom edge up to this crease, fold the brim back up as you did in the step before this one. You can keep the brim broad as per your requirement. Most individuals like to keep it between 1 and 2 inches (2.5 and 5.1 cm).

Step 6: Fix the brim

The paper should be flipped over, and the second flap should also be folded up. When you first fold the brim, see whether you fold it twice; if so, you should fold it twice when you do it again.

Step 7: Set the hat with tape or glue

If you so want, tape the four corners of the brim. Doing so will result in a more attractive finish for your hat, but it's completely optional. To keep the side corners of the brim from coming apart, secure them with strips of tape that have been wrapped around them. You may also use glue instead, but you must wait for it to cure first.

If you want your hat to appear like an alpine hat, tuck the corners of the brim down behind the band to form a triangle. Attach the brim's edges to the crown of the hat using glue.

Step 8: The final step

To put the hat on, you need to unlatch the bottom of it. Wear the hat such that the points of the triangle cover your ears to get a Peter Pan or alpine image. Wear the hat so that the triangular sections are over your forehead instead for an appearance that is reminiscent of a bicorn or a pirate.

Method 2: Halloween Cone

Here, we have explained another method called Halloween Cone of making Paper Hat. Lets read to know in detail.

Step 1: Select the papers according to the given measurements

Select a sheet of paper that is double the height of the hat you want to create. To make a hat that is 12 inches (30 cm) tall, you'll need a minimum of 24 inches (61 cm) height paper. Select a hue that complements the form of the hat you want to create. A medieval princess may wear a pink cone-shaped hat, while a witch might choose a black one.

Smaller hats may be made using construction paper or scrapbooking paper. Use poster paper if you want to build a large hat, like a witch's or a princess's.

Step 2: Draw the circle and a semi-circle

Create a half-circle. A plate, compass, or pencil on a thread may be used. The circle should be double the hat's height, and the circle should be 24 inches (61 cm) broad for a 12-inch (30 cm) princess hat.

Draw a circle on one paper edge. This ensures a straight edge.

Step 3: Cut the semicircle

Scissor the semicircle. Using paint, markers, stamps, or stickers, adorn plain paper. Do not add anything too big yet. Give the paint time to dry.

Step 4: Roll and attach

Roll and fasten the paper cone. Curl and overlap the paper's straight edges to form a cone. More overlap narrows the cone. After measuring, tape, staple, or glue the seam.

Step 5: Use glue to make the brim

Glue a brim on a witch's hat. Trace around the cone's base. Trace the circle to produce a broader brim. First, cut the larger circle. Tape or glue your cone's brim.

You may use hot glue or tape on the interior of the cone, so it's not visible.

Step 6: Use elastic if needed

If necessary, staple an elastic string to the hat's bottom. Cut an elastic long enough to wrap around your chin plus 2 inches (5.1 cm). Knot each end of the elastic and staple it to the hat. Knot the staple.

Step 7: Personalize it with your creativity

Give your hat some personal touch. It's limitless. Gluing objects to your headgear changes its appearance. Hot glue works best, but you may also use sticky glue

Step 8: Give the final touch and let it dry

Don't put on the hat until it's completely dried. The amount of time required for this to occur is variable based on the glue used. Cold glue might take many hours to dry, whereas hot glue is ready to use in minutes. After the adhesive has dried, you may put on your new hat.

Updated on: 12-Apr-2023


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