Difference Between E-R Model and Relational Model in DBMS

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In this post, we will understand the difference between entity relation model and a relational model in DBMS.

ER model

  • It can be expanded as an entity relationship model.

  • It is a high-level/conceptual model.

  • It is generally used to understand how a database would be implemented.

  • It represents a collection of entities, and describes the relationship between these entities.

  • It is easy to understand the relationship between entities.

  • It consists of components such as ‘Entity’, ‘Entity Type’, and ‘Entity Set’.

  • It describes the cardinality of attributes.

Relational Model

  • It is a representational or implementation model.

  • It is used by programmers to understand relationship between tables.

  • It represents the data in the form of tables.

  • It also describes the relationship between these tables.

  • It consists of components such as ‘domain’, ‘attributes’, and ‘tuples’.

  • It is not easy to understand/extract the relationship between multiple tables.

  • It doesn’t describe the cardinality.

Updated on 15-Apr-2021 07:49:49