Difference between Brand Manager and Marketing Manager

A brand's reputation may have a major impact on revenue, either positively or negatively. As a result, firms invest heavily in brand management and marketing activities. For an organization to increase its sales potential and to guarantee a positive brand image in the minds of its target audience, it may decide to hire brand managers and marketing managers to handle some of these responsibilities. They work together closely, yet their functions and methods are separate.

Who is a Brand Manager?

This person is responsible for shaping how consumers see a firm and its offerings. As the person in charge of a company's brand, you have a lot on your plate to ensure that your product or service is consistently positioned to appeal to your target audience. Among these duties are the following −

  • Formulating methods to raise product visibility

  • Evaluation of the Brand's Reputation Based on Consumer Comments

  • Creating advertising and marketing plans

  • Keep an eye on ad placements and offering suggestions for improving their performance

  • Follow the progress of the sales with attention.

Who is a Marketing Manager?

The job of these people is to promote a product and increase sales by reaching out to potential consumers and the general public. There are a variety of marketing strategies that may be used to reach this objective. We have also tasked them with the following tasks −

  • Developing advertising strategies that will connect with customers of varying ages and socioeconomic backgrounds

  • Keeping in touch with the sales team to make sure their targets are being reached

  • Conducting market analysis and writing reports on product and service demand

  • Ensuring that the buyers are aware of the products' advantages.

Differences − Brand Manager and Marketing Manager

The following table highlights how a Brand Manager is different from a Marketing Manager −

Characteristics Brand Manager Marketing Manager
Definition It is the job of the company's brand management team to shape the perception that consumers have of the company's offerings. A marketing manager is an employee whose job is to promote products to potential buyers and the general public in order to increase sales.
Importance Brand managers are responsible for a wide range of tasks including −
  • establishing brand awareness strategies,
  • assessing the brand's image among consumers,
  • developing sales and marketing plans,
  • supervising and recommending the best sites for advertisements, and
  • tracking the growth of sales.
The duties of a marketing manager include −
  • coming up with strategies to attract customers from all walks of life,
  • communicating with the sales team to make sure everyone is working toward the same goals,
  • conducting market research to determine product and service demand,
  • reporting on those findings, and doing what it takes to make sure customers buy
Primary role Being strategic is fundamental to the role of a brand manager. Tactical thinking is fundamental to the role of a marketing manager.


A brand manager is responsible for shaping the public's perception of a company's goods or services and making sure that perception aligns with consumers' needs. A marketing manager, on the other hand, is someone whose job it is to reach out to potential customers and the public at large in order to promote a product and produce sales. Together, they help companies maintain a positive public image and boost sales.

Updated on: 05-Dec-2022


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