Essential Operations Manager Skills

Operations management means managing the operations of the business efficiently and effectively to increase the net operating profit of the organization.

Operation management is a branch of business management just like HR management, finance, and marketing. As the name suggests, operations management means managing the organization's day-to-day activities to achieve the organization's goals and increase its profit. Operation management deals with the optimum utilization of available resources and maintaining inventory so that it won’t fall short of inventory if it’s a product-based industry. Operation management takes care of the smooth functioning of the organization so that everything will be done and delivered on time. The operations manager has to take responsibility for the day-to-day activities of the business and maintain records of daily operations.

The operations manager is supposed to be skilled and versatile in any kind of uncertain situation and patient enough to have the ability to think and decide calmly in any difficult situation.

Skills You Must Possess to Become an Operations Manager

You Should be a Good Planner

The operations manager has to manage a lot of activities in a day, so it is very important for an operations manager to plan his activities wisely so that a record of his activities will be maintained and he can easily achieve his daily goals. Prioritizing your activities and planning to perform those activities in a sequence makes tasks simpler and a lot easier to handle. The duties of an operations manager may include developing policies and procedures, maintaining budgets, and supporting additional activities in the business. In all those areas, planning is the key to attaining the objectives of the organization. One should have proper planning skills to anticipate everything to avoid the occurrence of uncertain situations. Operations managers are responsible for executing day-to-day activities regardless of the task assigned to them; they have to manage their projects very efficiently.

Proper Delegation of Work

The operations manager has to possess another very important skill, which is delegation of work. It is very difficult for the operations manager to work out everything all alone, so they have to delegate the authority and work to their subordinates to unburden themselves and focus on more important activities. It’s a significant skill to understand your subordinate and delegate tasks accordingly. Delegation of work will help you understand your subordinates better; you will get to know their areas of interest, what areas they are performing well in, and where they need improvement. This will help you to strengthen your connection with your subordinate, and you will turn out to be a good leader in front of them, not just an operations manager. 


Knowledge is the first step before starting work in any department of business. Without knowledge of your work, you cannot start working to get the expected results. As an operations manager, you are not supposed to be the ace of everything, but the jack of all. You must have the knowledge of your work to carry out the daily activities of the business without any problem. Having knowledge of your work will make it easier for you to delegate projects to your subordinates and explain them. Knowledge makes people wiser in making decisions and forecasting. 

Good Communication Skills

Good communication skills are the master of all activities. You must have good communication skills as an operations manager because you have to deal with clients, your superiors and subordinates, and many other external and internal people, so it became very important that the message be conveyed in a proper manner and be understood by everyone to carry out the day-to-day activities of the department. The operations manager deals with the daily activities, and one wrong interpretation of a message can ruin the work. So, to carry out the daily chores of the organization efficiently, it is very important for the operations manager to possess good communication skills to accomplish your day-to-day activities. 

Management of Time

Time management skill is as important as any other skill as an operations manager you have to meet deadlines, complete your projects on the given time and present it to your superiors. No matter how good you are at everything, if you aren’t able to deliver the desired output on time, it will be a waste after putting a lot of effort into it. You have to be punctual, meet your deadlines in front of your superiors, and be a role model for your subordinates. In that case, you should excel at the skill of time management to deliver the work within the given timeline associated with it. As an operations manager, if you lack that skill, your day-to-day productivity will decrease, which will affect the overall performance of the business and ruin your reputation as well. So, it is a crucial skill for managers to possess so that they can finish and deliver their projects on time to maintain the efficiency of the organization. If you, as an operations manager, can master the art of managing your time, you can accomplish greater things in your professional career. 


When people work together to achieve an objective, it is called "Teamwork". The purpose of teamwork is to divide the project or task into smaller modules and delegate the different modules of work to different members of the team according to their skill sets. Teams are built up for handling different projects in an organization so all the members of the team come together and complete the projects. Here, the responsibilities are distributed, and everyone has to perform their jobs to achieve the expected results. Within teams, conflicts also arise that have to be handled calmly; otherwise, they will reduce the productivity of the team. So, it is necessary for the operations manager to handle his team carefully and motivate his team members to work together as a team regardless of their personal feelings to achieve fruitful results. Conflicts within the teams should be resolved quickly through effective communication and patience. A team of 6 to 8 people is considered ideal to avoid conflicts and work efficiently. 

Decision Making

In an organization, decision-making is involved in every step of the business, from day-to-day activities to long-term goals. On a day-to-day basis, the operations manager doesn’t have to make a lot of decisions, but sometimes unfamiliar situations arise and spontaneous decisions have to be taken with accuracy. For that spontaneous decision-making, operations managers should have good decision-making skills to make that decision worth serving the organization.

Updated on: 30-Jan-2023


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