Difference Between Adeona and Prey

Both Adeona and Prey are software packages that enable users to monitor the location of their computers, but both differ substantially. Adeona is open-source software that is free to use and use, while Prey is a business software that demands a subscription. Furthermore, Adeona could only monitor online gadgets, but Prey can track devices regardless of whether they are online.

Consequently, Prey is a more adaptable option for monitoring missing or stolen devices. Adeona and Prey are popular tracking software packages that recover stolen or lost laptop computers. Adeona is free software that is developed and maintained by volunteer developers.

Adeona and Prey are both software applications. They are software-based device monitoring solutions. They assist in the retrieval of stolen portable devices like laptops and smartphones. The tracking system operates by recording data from the environment and the computer, such as the IP address, geolocation, network settings, and sometimes images taken by the cameras on the devices.

This information is communicated to the owner. The detection of stolen devices is performed simply by uploading the collected information to a remote server or landline, and only upon getting the proper signal would it notify or record the data.

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What is Adeona?

Adeona is a software tool that helps you track down your computer in the event it is stolen or lost. The application works by downloading a simple agent on your computer that interacts with a centralized computer on a routine basis. Adeona will be able to provide you with the current location of your laptop if it is lost or stolen.

Adeona could also use your computer to capture photographs of the person, which will help identify the criminal. Adeona is a free program that runs on both Mac and Windows systems.

Adeona is a free software solution that helps restore stolen or lost laptop computers. It does not depend on any proprietary or central service so you may run it on your computers for free. It also preserves privacy, as only the owner can use it to track the laptop, and nobody else can use Adeona to monitor where the laptop has been used, which can result in misuse.

Once the laptop is declared stolen or misplaced, the location is identified using a cryptographic mechanism that maintains the ciphertexts private. It is simple to install and operates with GNU/Linux, Mac OS, and Microsoft windows.

It makes use of OpenDHT. The OpenDHT collects and stores locations, IP addresses, and network architecture, which can be used to identify the device's current location using a distributed storage system or service. Adeona varies from others in that it uploads data to remote storage places, removing the need for a central database. The firms demand a price for monitoring due to the central database.

Adeona is a project whose goal is to enhance the security mechanisms of your laptop to avoid losses and thefts, which might be of interest to all laptop users. It is a client-server application that is free software. After installing the client on your laptop and choosing a password, Adeona will automatically detect the localization of your laptop by executing a second-plane program while collecting encrypted files such as IPs and other network characteristics.

What is Prey?

Prey software enables you to locate and retrieve stolen or lost devices. It sends data about the device's location and activities to a Prey account, which allows you to see it on a map and take some action to retrieve it. Prey is a free app that can be downloaded and used on any computer, including phones, computers, and tablets. Including over 5 million members worldwide, Prey is one of the most famous device recovery tools.

Prey is a great tool to keep your devices secure, and it is among the most widely used device recovery tools. Prey is an excellent method to protect your devices from theft or loss, and it could provide you with peace of mind by enabling you to track and retrieve the items which ever misplaced or stolen.

Prey functions similarly to Adeona, but its operation is more similar to proprietary services. Prey can be utilized on computers, desktops, mobile devices, and Androids. After upgrading, it will now operate on Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and Ubuntu.

The prey program awakes periodically to send HTTP requests to a pre-configured URL. It was created by Fork Ltd. and also has two administration options. Prey could be designed to run alone or with a pre-shared URL.

Differences between Adeona and Prey

The following table highlights the major differences between Adeona and Prey −





Adeona is a software tool that assists you in tracking down your laptop in case it is stolen or misplaced.

Prey is commercial software designed and maintained by a group of hired experts.

cost consideration

Adeona is completely free to use.

To use all of Prey's features, you must first purchase it.

User Friendly

To set up and operate Adeona, users must also possess some technical expertise.

Prey, on the other side, is designed to be user-friendly and simple to set up and operate.


Adeona utilizes several techniques to locate a misplaced laptop, including a Global positioning system, cell tower triangulation, and IP address tracking.

Prey has similar monitoring techniques, but it also enables you to capture images with the laptop's built-in camera and send them to the owner.


It depends on volunteer developers for the development and maintenance of the software.

It does not depend on volunteer developers to develop and maintain the software.


Prey acts similarly to proprietary services. Adeona does not rely on any proprietary or centralized service. Adeona is primarily used on computers, while Prey is used for laptops as well as Android and mobile devices. Adeona depends on OpenDHT, which has been disabled; as a result, Adeona is currently unavailable.

Prey has become abundant. Both programs are competent in enabling people to safeguard their data, but they each possess various characteristics that could be more beneficial to certain individuals or businesses. Both software are effectively used to secure our data from hackers.