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A current coil is basically a type of coil, like a wire, covered around an electrical conductor. The conductor is a soft iron core and the coil is made of insulated copper wire. If the coil covered around the conductor carries current, it is noted that the coil starts acting similar to a magnet. When the conductor wrapped around a current-carrying coil carries current is called electromagnetism. Most physics experiment is carried out by using the same property.

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Factors on which Strength of Electromagnetism Depends

The strength of electromagnetism depends the following factors:

  • The main factor in calculating the strength of the current coil, and the number of turns of the electromagnetism depends on - increasing the number of turns of the coil is proportional to an increase in current in amperes.

    The magnetic field also gets increased, when the increase in the number of turns in a coil.

  • The second important thing is determined by the strength of the current passing on the conductor.

    The increase in electric current is proportional to the increased strength of the current coil.

  • The third one is determined by the material; a conductor is made of. Ferrous improves electromagnetism around a current coil conductor. The combination of alloys like aluminium-nickel-cobalt helps to generate strong magnetic fields.

  • The last thing is the temperature, it is important for the current coil. The current flowing in the coil is increased at lesser temperatures.

Implementations of Current Coil

Following are the applications of current coil in our day-to-day life:

Can Crusher

The magnetic field produced by an electromagnet is stronger, and it can crush a can without even touching. When a can is wrapped around the coil, the coil is energized and tries to bend the can to the shape of the magnetic lines of force. It can be changed to a flat disc by more compressing due to applying more force.

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Magnetic Cranes

The wastes we throw will have some pieces of metals. Some metals will take a long time to degrade, hence we use an electromagnet to connect to the crane and slide through the waste materials. The metals get attracted to the electromagnet, and they can be separated with ease. Before using electromagnets, permanent magnets were used to do this job, where the metal objects are removed manually.

Current coils are basically used as electromagnets.

Some specific types of electromagnets are :

  • Solenoid
  • Maxwell coil, and
  • Degaussing coil.

The ideas of current and magnetism do confuse us when studying physics.


An example current coil is used to explain two ideas that are called electromagnetism. In an electromagnetic field, the current passes through the current coil to do multiple uses. Some real-time daily uses of electromagnets are can crushers and magnetic cranes.

There are many usages in a current coil. They are used in actuators such as speakers, headphones, MRI scan machines, relays, and magnetic recording and data storage equipment.


The phenomenon of magnetism and electricity is called electromagnetism and the Coil of a wire wrapped around an electrical conductor is called a current coil.

Several turns in the current coil, electric current strength, conductor type & temperature directly influence the strength of the electromagnetic field.

An electromagnet can be turned on and off by stopping the current flow, unlike a permanent magnet.


Q1. Difference between Current Coil and Pressure Coil.

Ans: A Current Coil and pressure coil or voltage coil is generally used in a watt meter. The current coil is always connected in series, and the pressure coil is connected in parallel with the load, the current coil is used to measure the current and the pressure coil is used to measure the voltage. Both the coil, Current Coil, and pressure coil are used to measure current or voltage in tension transmission lines on a watt meter scale.

Q2. What is meant by the current coil and voltage coil?

Ans: When the current coil and voltage coil are connected in a circuit determining power factor, the current coil carries the current of one phase connected in series and the voltage coil is connected across or parallel to the phase voltage of the same phase.

Q3. How does the number of coils affect current?

Ans: An increase in the number of coils is proportional to the magnetic field; the magnetic field will become stronger because the increased coil has its own magnetic field, so the more coils more field lines, and it becomes a stronger electromagnet.

Q4. What is the function of the current coil?

Ans: A current coil is commonly used as a Can Crusher. The electromagnetic field generated by the conductor when a can is placed inside a coil bends and deforms the can by compressing it into a flat disc.

Q5. What are the applications of Current Coil?

Ans: Current coils are also commonly used as electromagnets. There are particular types of electromagnets as well such as a Maxwell coil, voice coil, solenoid, and Degaussing coil. Another common usage of the current coil is Magnetic Cranes, Can crushers.

Updated on: 13-Oct-2022

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