Telephonic Interviews


Telephonic interviews are fast replacing traditional “on-venue” interviews due to the logistics and the time they can save. It is much easier for candidates to have a conversation over the phone nowadays, as compared to travelling to a distant place to do the same.

Although the obvious advantages of a telephonic interview are many – one being that the person doesn’t have to be physically present during the time of the interview – this could also be one of its distinct disadvantages.

Telephonic Interviews

Around 70% of a candidate’s responses are non-verbal and related to his Body Language! In a telephonic interview, you have to make up for that 70% with your voice projection, tone, and modulation.

Tips to Clear a Telephonic Interview

Given below is a set of tips that you can apply to do well in a telephonic interview −

  • Speak loud enough to be heard clearly.

  • Let the interviewer do most of the talking, as he will be explaining the instructions initially for you to understand. Also, speaking out of turn could irritate the listener.

  • Smile and speak in a conversational manner. Smiling while talking changes the shape of your mouth when you pronounce the words, and this change in tone is easily picked up by the listener.

  • Place a notepad, pen, and a copy of your resume near you for reference and jot down important information.

  • While attending a telephonic interview, try to be in a place with minimum background noise and interference. If you are stuck in a traffic or a noisy place and an employer calls and asks if it’s the right time to talk to you, excuse yourself politely and offer to call back in 5-10 minutes. This will give you time to go to a silent place to prepare your mood and mind for the interview.

  • Even if it is telephonic, it is advisable to dress the part for the interview. This will help you in maintaining a professional mindset throughout the interview.

  • Turn off call-waiting and applications that give beeping notification during calls.


The standard rules of one-one-one interview apply if you are attending interviews via tele-conferencing (or video-conferencing). We have furnished here a set of do’s and don’ts that you should keep in mind while attending an interview via tele-conferencing −

  • Dress up for the part and look professional.

  • Try to be in a well-lit area with a suitable background. The ideal background is a white wall or screen.

  • Check the internet connection, camera visibility, and microphone audibility well before the interview time.

  • Keep a notepad, pen, and copy of the CV near you.

  • Inform the people around you to not disturb you for the duration of the interview.

  • Keep your phones in silent mode and out of sight to avoid getting distracted.

Always keep in mind that interviews are not examinations where there are correct or incorrect answers to questions. Unless you are appearing for a competency-based round, you don’t need to worry about the right answer, until you know what you are saying won’t be taken in a negative sense.

To crack an interview, you need to have the ability to hold meaningful and enjoyable conversations, building rapport, and understanding the underlying reasons behind asking specific questions. With constant practice, and a little bit of luck, we don’t see why you won’t get your dream job in a short time!