Body Language


Experts say that only 30% of what you speak inside the interview room matters to the interviewers and 70% comprises of Body Language. The way you walk, talk, sit, shift in your chair, touch your face, lower your eyes on specific questions, or look away – all bear tremendous weight when it comes to leaving a positive impression on the mind of the interviewer(s).

Body Language

Here is a set of common guidelines that you should follow while in the interview room or waiting for your turn −

  • Don’t cross your arms and legs. This signifies nervousness and restlessness.

  • Don’t rub your nose or bite lips. The interviewers tend to interpret this as lying.

  • Don’t slouch or sit on the edge of the chair. This gives a careless impression.

  • Nod when you agree but don’t bob your head as that signifies inexperience.

  • Don’t stare when looking directly at the interviewer. That will look intimidating.

  • Don’t sit too close to the interviewer. Allow personal space.

  • Don’t look away or turn your face down while answering.

  • Don’t use excessive hand movements. Articulate and be expressive but moderately and at desk-level.

  • Don’t make any sudden movements. Make relaxed adjustments in your posture.